Excelsior College Anatomy Physiology Cd Study Guide

Excelsior College Anatomy Physiology Cd Study Guide

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Excelsior College Anatomy Physiology Cd Study Guide:


Anatomy & Physiology CD Study Guide

for Excelsior College A & P Exam

Notes, Practice Tests, Slide Shows, Graphics & More


I am a 2005 Excelsior College ASN Graduate and a Registered Nurse (MSN, RN, CNE) I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau the International Honor Society for Nursing and the American Nurses Association. I am one of the only sellers who is REALLY and RN anExcelsior graduate and a trained educator. you can verify my credentials. See my About Me page for more information.

I passed The EXCELSIOR Nursing exams with straight A'sin less than 4 months -see Completed exams transcript below- I passed CPNE on the first try June 24-26th with no repeats. I Graduated with high honors July 2005 and passed NCLEX-RN 8/31/05 with only 75 questions. I can't guarantee you will have the same results, but the CD I made contains the resources I created and used to study for and pass the exams on the first try.

ABOUT THE CD I completed A & P I and A & P II via distance learning @ Rio Salado in 2005 while I studied for my NC exams. I used my notes and resources and organized them to Excelsior Colleges content guide at a customers request. She found it very helpful so I made it available along with my other CD study guides. My customers have used the CD to pass A & P through traditional college and for Excelsior's Exam.

ALL of my Study Guides are also available for instant digital download at RN Study Spot Digital Downloads .

CONTENTS: study notes CD

  • ORGANIZATION Each section of the test has its own folder with SECTION NOTES and SECTION RESOURCES - for example; Graphics, Tables, outlines,articles, Vocabulary, slide shows and Quizzes,

  • NOTES My personal notes for EACH SECTION of EACH TEST ; organized to Excelsior's content guide, in an easy to use format.

  • STUDY GUIDES BULLETS and CONCEPTS TO KNOW Final review Folder with Slide shows, outlines, and a condensed synopsis of the areas covered

  • PRACTICE EXAMS Folder with full practice exams and quizzes - hundreds of questions and answers to help you prepare

  • SUPPLEMENTS Folder with related WEB LINKS, Text book chapters, & related articles

  • GLOSSARY of terms to know for A & P - ATLAS of anatomy

  • LECTURE NOTES FOR EXAMPLE : The chemistry of life, organization of the human body, acid base balance, Fluid balance, electrolytes balance. Female and male reproductive systems.,...


  • MEMORY AIDS GRAPHICS, TABLES, FLASHCARDS SUMMARIES & MNEMONICS for difficult concepts,EX ossification kidney failure, endocrine system and hormones

Click Here to see a complete listing of my CD Study Guides


  • CD FORMAT -By default the CD and files are formatted in Joliet (for WINDOWS, send an email or include a note with your PayPal pmt if you want the CD formatted for MAC , DOS or another operating system.

  • FILE FORMAT - files are in PDF format - ADOBE READER installation packages and instructions are available on the CD

  • COPYRIGHT - the CD is copyright protected and sold for the buyers individual use (not for resale or redistribution of any type)

  • SUPPORT - I am available to troubleshoot any installation problems via email or phone and will answer questions related to content when the transaction is complete. (we have both left response).

  • GUARANTEE - I exchange products found to be damaged/ faulty free of charge - please see my Exchange policy in this sale.


*larends/ RNSS has no relationship, association, or affiliation with Excelsior College

Excelsior College Anatomy Physiology Cd Study Guide:

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