Honey Dip Twist Tobacco Cardboard Box N/ Tin Can Country Store Bee Hive Graphic For Sale

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS DESCIPTION!!! But you should only have to read this top part once. Six months ago I bought a collection of over 10,000 tins. I have been listing ever since and am now to the only part left... Tobacco RELATED (cigar, cigarette, chewing, etc.). Be sure to check out all of my Tobacco tin sales... just click on SEE OTHER ITEMS under SELLER INFORMATION in the blue box at the top right of the screen. I hope to list hundreds of Tobacco tins over the next four days!

SHIPPING: All Tobacco related tins, cans, cardboard boxes, etc. will be $8 to ship by priority mail. If you buy one it will be $8 and if you buy all of them it will still only be $8. I know this is high on some and low on others... it depends on where they go and how much they weigh but I cannot figure each individual item out on its own and then still compensate for multiple purchases. Please just figure the $8 into your offerding. I don't know how else to do it when listing as many as I will probably be listing for the next four days!

SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE USA: I do ship anywhere in the world HOWEVER I DO NOT give shipping quotes. It is impossible to expect me to box a tin up, get a weight and quote and then unbox it to answer more questions, take more photos or most likely have to box it with other tins. I DO PROMISE that I pack well and with cost in mind. I charge exact shipping and no handling. If you have bought other tins from the USA since the change in postal rates just expect a similar to cheaper amount. I truly do my best to keep you happy!!!

MEASUREMENTS: I do not include measurements in each desciption. I will take pictures with a ruler in at least one of the photos. If you need more measurements then please email me.

DESCRIPTIONS: I will do my best to highlight anything that needs to be brought to your attention in the descriptions. I have so many to list that I may overlook something as I will be flying as fast as I can! Please look at all the pictures!!! The pictures are THE BEST DESCRIPTION!!! If you get an item and have a problem then please contact me. You can see by my response that I work very hard to keep my customers happy!!!

QUESTIONS: Please feel free to DIP cardboard canister by Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. Stillmostly full of chewing Tobacco! AWESOME GRAPHICS! The only real issue I see is a hole in the label on the back side in a very nondescript area. Great piece!!!

On Mar-14-13 at 11:45:33 PDT, seller added the following information:

The date is not legible that is stamped onto the tax stamp but I am imagining it is similar to the Granger round container which is dated 1943. You can read the Act of 1926 on the tax stamp but am thinking the 1943 date is going to be quite accurate. There are 7 twists that are all complete but brittle with age. There are also many Tobacco tags as you can see. The Tobacco still smells good!

Honey Dip Twist Tobacco Cardboard Box N/ Tin Can Country Store Bee Hive Graphic

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Honey Dip Twist Tobacco Cardboard Box N/ Tin Can Country Store Bee Hive Graphic:

Vintage Sealed
Vintage Sealed "royal Kensington" Famous English Type Blend Tobacco 1937 Rare

Vintage Sealed Pocket Tin
Vintage Sealed Pocket Tin "edgeworth Ready Rubbed" Tobacco 1940 Very Rare

Vintage Sealed
Vintage Sealed "tiger Stripe" Chewing Tobacco Wwii 1942 Extremely Rare

Vintage Sealed
Vintage Sealed "modern Age" Tobacco 1932 Rare

Vintage Sealed
Vintage Sealed "mechanics Delight" Long Cut Smoking And Chewing Tobacco 1960's

Vintage Full John Middleton's
Vintage Full John Middleton's "virginia" Bright Granulated Pipe Tobacco 1939

Vintage Sealed
Vintage Sealed "prince Albert" Crimp Cut Pipe And Cigarette Tobacco Wwii 1944

Vintage Sealed
Vintage Sealed "george Washington" Great American Pipe Tobacco 1940's

Vintage Sealed
Vintage Sealed "silver Cup" Scrap Chewing Tobacco 1960's

Vintage Sealed Pocket Tin
Vintage Sealed Pocket Tin "lucky Strike" Roll Cut Tobacco 1935 Very Rare

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