Human Voice A1 Loud & Clear Talking Watch Spanish,alarm

Human Voice A1 Loud & Clear Talking Watch Spanish,alarm

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Human Voice A1 Loud & Clear Talking Watch Spanish,alarm:

Loud enough to be heard across a room
Latest Version III Sound Chip
Good for language learning !
Approx 20% Louder than prior versions

Large Speaker emits loud, rich sound

9.5 inch strap is virtually indestructible

I periodically go for night hikes, sometimes with local hiking groups, and on a trail is where I really appreciate the value of this little wonder. It took me awhile to find one with really good, clear sound, and this is it (I've gone through 3, maybe 4 different other models over the years......they tend to get destroyed from climbing rocks in the daytime, but I wouldn't think of buying anything else). By the way, my current personal one has been dented, dropped, scratched, stepped on and soaked , but I refuse to give it up for a new one ---- it's got quite a history.

This particular model speaks in a pleasant female voice at the touch of a button, and if you need to be reminded of something during the day, it has an alarm function to, for example, wake you up from a nap at a prescribed time (via a live rooster alarm serenade.....see comments below left).

There's also an every-hour-on-the hour time announcement, which I find annoying -- got me into a heap of 'trouble' once (see story below) -- but it's a function some people like and will find useful. You have your choice, using another side button, of turning this feature on or off.

Similar versions still retail for $24 and up in stores, when you can find them (and not all have alarms), although I saw one recently online (different version, flex silver band) for $45.

There are many obvious possible uses. You're in a dark movie theater, and want to know the time. Even in a dimly lit bar or niteclub, with all the noise, it can still be heard quite clearly. Or on a street with heavy ambient traffic noise.

The elderly, or vision-impaired individuals, find them extremely practical. Also, many have been purchased by campers and backpackers......this is quite a good application, actually.

Or some people just want an easy to use, gadget type watch (women seem to be very impressed by them even more than most guys, not because of the gadget concept, but because of its practical value).

These are brand new, in a shiny black box, with easy to read instructions.

Each comes with an internal THREE YEAR Lithium battery -- this alone is worth about $ 6.00 from a drug store watch/camera counter.

And, most important of all, this is a watch that is EASY to use, which is especially important if the user is visually impaired.

with sound

Spanish Version

- Press arrow to play -

BUYER COMMENTS (both English & Spanish versions) "Just wanted to tell you I like the watch. I don't wear it, but I do use it daily. That d*** rooster is the best travel alarm made. No wimpy beep beep beep that can be drowned out by a pillow or the after effects of dinner and drinks with a client but a very serious wake up mechanism.


- S.S.

"Got the watch,look forward to using it, love the rooster although I do have 6 real roosters crowing every morning.


- H.B

"I bought the talking watch for my mother who couldn't see very well and was in a rest home and somehow the alarm which was a rooster's crow got set at 4:00 AM. The alarm went off and it drove the nurses crazy for weeks trying to find the cockle doodle do, until I went back to visit her (CT to IN) and turned the alarm setting off!"

- H.M.

"Hey, works great! I have to take meds every 15:45 minutes...on time! When I am shopping I lose thought of the time. Can't wait to see peoples faces when I am standing in the checkout line and they hear a rooster. Such fun!


- T.T.

Apologies : this picture is so grainy, not even my dog would look at it Precautionary Note:

There have been about 14 (as of last count) copies made of this version (which is considered the original Version I). Most are visually identical; even the box looks the same.

They all generally fall short in one way or another, however, most notably in sound quality; the knockoffs aren't as loud, and a few actually sound 'tinny', which most likely means the speakers aren't very highly rated.

It's ultimately well worth the extra bucks for this one, as it'll give good service for years hence.

Naturally, I'm a little biased, but have also sold nearly 400 to date, so pretty much am comfortable with it's overall track record.

A few more interesting comments :

"Thank you again for all of your help. My Dad continues to thank me daily for his watch, I have never seen him have so much fun with such an inexpensive item. He's anxious to get back to his cardiac rehab class and show it off!


- B.L.

"Watches arrived on time. You made legally blind friend and grandson both happy. Thanks again. Have a great New Year ! "
- A.G.

Hello Alan,

I am replacing a watch for a dear friend who had one just like this one and lost it. He used to "entertain" the young kids in the family with it and had enormous patience with them wanting to hear it over and over again. He is an older gentleman and although he said it didn't matter, I could tell that it did. He has been so wonderful to so many people, (myself and son included), that I am thrilled to be able to surprise him with it when it arrives.

-Thanks again."

- L.H.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your update. The watch is going to my grandfather who recently lost his eye sight. My grandmother will be so relieved when he gets it because he has to depend on her to find the time.


- R.D.

And, last but hardly least, a very funny rooster story ....

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the fast service. I love the watch and therein lies a story almost as funny as the one you related on your listing site.

The watch arrived just as Karen, my helper and I, were getting ready to leave for, IN, where Institute branch is. It was time for my 6-week checkup following the first PDT Laser surgery treatment on my left eye.

I had Karen read the instructions for setting the time and, working under two strong magnifiers, I followed the instructions. When we arrived at the clinic, a nurse took me back to the last room in the building. I sat in the dark room, waiting my turn. Suddenly the rooster started crowing and I almost jumped out of the chair. It was so unexpected and loud that Karen heard it clear out in the waiting room. (The floors were vinyl-covered. I imagine that's why the sound carried so far.)

I heard several voices, all wondering: "what is that?" and "where's that noise coming from?" I heard footsteps in the hallway and expected a nurse or doctor to pop his/her head into my room any minute, but that didn't happen. Meanwhile I was blindly pushing all along the sides, trying to stop the rooster. Finally, I put my hand over the watch and muffled the sound so that it didn't carry beyond the room I was in (I think). It seemed to go on a very long time! I thought it would never stop.

When my doctor came in she didn't mention having heard anything and neither did I. But when Karen and I got outside, she told me that there was quite a lot of "unusual activity" going on in the office. A couple of doctors and 3-4 nurses were searching around in the office, apparently thinking the "noise" was coming from some of their equipment. Karen said that she heard a "shrieking noise" but had no idea it was coming from me. What she heard sounded strange, she said, and was loud enough to stir up a commotion in the hall, the office, and stir up comments among the patients up and down the hall, awaiting service. She said that even after it stopped, they were still trying to find out if something had gone wrong with some of their equipment. True, this is not as funny as your story, but on the way home, Karen was so vividly describing what had gone on in the clinic that I laughed so hard I cried, the tears just rolled down my cheeks.I needed a good laugh at that particular time.

Thanks again, Alan, and I hope you get rich (or is it "richer"), from your sales on , though I can't see how you could from such modest sales as the listing I bought from. May you have a wonderful life!

- Marty

Late note.....a good idea....
(each watch takes just one)


Very cheap, and will save you tons of money compared to drugstore replacement batteries (3X to 5X, depending on locale and store type).

Typically, you'll get charged $ 10 - $ 12 to have a watch place install one. But you can easily do it yourself, as no special tool are needed; the back of the watch has 4 screws and that's it.

Being lithium, these do not deteriorate with time like ordinary carbon batteries, so you can stick it in a drawer and forget about it till it's needed down the road.

I am finding out that the Talking Watches need battery changes oftener in extremely cold climates, so these are good as a backup.

Click on the battery picture above to add one to your order.

Just in case the reader is wondering if these watches are 'loud enough for everyday use' you shall soon see, they really just may be that very thing indeed (this is the story mentioned in the first few introductory paragraphs above):

or ....

What typically happens when Mr. Talking Watch seller wears his own personal Talking Watch in public

I was thrilled to be invited in as a 'spectator' at a gripping Corporate trial in a local Federal Court recently. In retrospect, however, staying home that day would have been a most desirable option.

Naturally, I had decided what a great idea it would be to sit near the front row, right in the center of things.......this would help greatly in sealing my fate later. As the hours of mostly unintelligible legal wrangling dragged on, I kept shifting position (the benches were very hard and unyeilding....much like memories of a certain childhood Church).

At some point (throwing one hand on top of the other) I inadvertently triggered my Talking Watch 'every hour on the hour' Time Announcement doing so, the watch emitted an audible series of four loud beeps. Several people looked scornfully my way.

I glanced anxiously at the time. It was exactly 3:56 P.M. Uh-oh. Knowing that turning this function back off would create another 'beep', and not wanting to get publicly reprimanded, I decided the best course of action would be to go ahead and let it announce the time in 4 minutes, except I would COVER THE SPEAKER GRILLE WITH BOTH HANDS to muffle the sound (it works with radios, right?)

This was a most unfortunate decision.

At the prescribed time, the watch went off, a very loud and very clear woman's voice (preceded by the just-as-loud electronic chime) IT'S-FOUR-O'-CLOCK-PM ! It resonated like thunder in the crowded courtroom (very good acoustics, I recalled in wonderment later).

I was absolutely horrified..........immediately I tried covering the speaker with my other hand, my entire arm, bundled edges of my shirt, a magazine, but it was useless........ actually I don't think sitting on the thing would've made a difference. 'Mr. Bean' comes to mind here, as I'm sure this is whom I must have looked like to an observer.

Instantly EVERY EYE IN THE ROOM was on me. The lawyer for the defense was no longer the center of attention. I was. I wanted to slump down, down, way way down, under the bench, but due to the layout of the place it wasn't a useful option. An Alice-in-Wonderland type tunnel would have been greatly appreciated. But I digress.

To complicate matters, this (very stern) judge had earlier, twice, firmly reminded 'EVERYONE IN THE COURT' that beepers and cellphones were to be turned OFF (she was even good enough to spell it for us.....0-F-F). I remember smugly thinking that, yeah, she was right, who WERE these inconsiderate people to bring electronic noisemakers into a Courtroom at all? Ha! Cellphone users especially, I annoying! What on earth were they thinking?

Now, almost as if by some sinister cosmic magic, I was in the uncomfortable position of being the biggest scofflaw of them all. The judge repeated her earlier warnings yet again, almost word for word. This 3rd time, however, I think I could see a vein bulging in her neck.

But the biggest ire emanated (yes, emanated...sort of like steam suddenly rising up out of thermal vents in Yosemite) from the clerk that assists the judge. Earlier in the day I'd been thinking , heck, she was actually kind of cute. Not anymore. She was staring laser holes through me (this, in case you don't already know from your own treasure trove of experiences, is an advanced stage, way beyond the condition known as 'if looks could kill'). She perceived it wasn't a beeper, OR a cellphone, so WHAT exactly was this new kind of courtroom annoyance ?

Judging (legal parlance, perfect for this situation) by her quizzical, scornful look (the same way dogs tip their heads when they hear an unknown new sound) and what appeared to be the beginnings of movement in my direction, I quickly held up my wrist with the A.O.D. -- Attached Offending Device -- and meekly tried to communicate that it was, well....... accidental.

To complicate matters, my voice (if you could call it that) had headed south, evaporating into a sort of modified whimper -- a Chichuaua begging for food comes to mind here -- so I just moved my lips to form words, any words. She was not amused. But this fast, do something/anything response seemed to have worked.....she unexpectedly stopped dead in her tracks, and after a millenium of seconds the court resumed deliberations. At the very least, I was still alive.

Moral of this improbable story : Whatever you do, don't take your Talking Watch to Federal Court (or State Court, or City Court or any destination that has the word 'Court' in it)

Count on ...... SUPERSONIC, and, on good days, LIGHTSPEED shipping Items usually fly out of here straightaway, and with great fanfare
(fireworks, marching band, dancing girls, that kind of thing),
so your friendly mailman should be ringing your doorbell soon after.

Buyer Quote :
"Tell the truth-it was in the mail BEFORE I ordered, right ?"

"Seller employs delivery methods years ahead of our time"

"Dude, the quickness of your response borders on scary, but I certainly appreciate it."

And this, just in:
"Can't believe this. Immediately after I hit the 'pay now' button,my doorbell rang, The package was at the door. Go figure."

(except for occasional remote warehouse dropships to save time, of course)

Awesome double rainbow, as seen from our
3rd floor computer room window; Dec 22, 2010

Usually orders zoom out of Mission Control here either same or next day as receipt of payment (before about 3 p.m. PST usually makes it out that day).

California residents expect to add sales tax at checkout for the gods of commerce here. Our elected leaders of all that is need new limos, jets, other stuff now and again. Hope that's ok.

Easily done ! And, postal USPS basically only charges domestic U.S. ship costs to foreign APO addresses, no matter where you are out there.

We've shipped stuff to just about everywhere on the planet. Do keep in mind that some countries may assess customs duties or fees upon arrival (often not, but sometimes yes).

Some restricted items, like aerosol spray cans or volatile inks, aren't considered aircraft-friendly these days, so those are shipped within North America only, and only via slow-boat UPS ground.

For your considerable amusement, here's a not-that-long-ago countries list ........

Quantum Leap Unlimited

Hollywood, California

Terrestrial orders only at this time

Human Voice A1 Loud & Clear Talking Watch Spanish,alarm:

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