Handpainted Russian Lacquer Icon Box St. Nicholas

Handpainted Russian Lacquer Icon Box St. Nicholas

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Handpainted Russian Lacquer Icon Box St. Nicholas:

Handpainted Russian Lacquer Box IconSt. Nicholas
~~~~~Today's Box~~~~~This exquisit box measures 3" x 4.5"This box depicts the icon painting St. Nicholas, who was dedicated to God from his youth. As a monk, he intended to live out his life in solitude and silence. He was chosen a bishop by divine revelation and worked many miracles even during his lifetime.
From the Russian Doll Company, we are happy to be able to offer you this beautiful and rare lacquer box. Most people have no idea the amount of work and time that go into making these lacquer boxes, no matter what the size. The process hasn't changed much over the last 200 years. The plain papier-mache box is created by adding layer upon layer of the papier-mache to the desired mold until all layers are dry. This preccess alone can take up to six weeks or more. It is then removed from the mold and submerged in boiling linseed oil and then baked for up to 30 days. Over the course of the month, the temperature is slowly raised to 120 degrees and then lowered to room temperature. Then the parts of the box are glued together. The surface is then prepared to ensure that all layers of finish adhere to the box. Layers of primer are applied with a drying/baking time in between each layer. This process can also take up to six weeks. At this point there can be up to three months in the making of the box itself. Only now does the painting begin. Painting is usually done in layers and there can be as many as five layers of painting with a coat of lacquer in between each layer. Many times a seperate artist will paint the filigree edging using coordinating colors. Once the painting is done a protective finish is added. From here at least seven (7) layers of lacquer are applied and in between each layer of lacquer the box is sanded. The final coat is polished to a brilliant shine.
Please contact us with any questions on this incredible box, either by email or by calling us directly at 815-758-6368. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Russian Doll Company

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Handpainted Russian Lacquer Icon Box St. Nicholas:

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