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29 Herbs and Herbal Medicine Books and Literature
on 1 CD-ROM
Books on this CD include:1. The Herb Garden - 258 Pages2. Culinary Herbs - 170 Pages3. The Kitchen Gardener's Instructor - 190 Pages4. Vegetables Herbs and Their Cultivation - 546 Pages5. The Family Herbal - 478 Pages6. Compassionate Herbs - 268 Pages7. Culpeper's Complete Herbal - 450 Pages8. Meals Medicinal with Herbal Simples - 802 Pages9. Practical Botany on Herbs - 416 Pages10. Medicinal Herbs and Poisonous Plants - 190 Pages11. Vegeculture: How to Grow Herbs in Town and Country - 194 Pages12. Every Man His Own Physician Roots and Herbs Common to This Country - 180 Pages13. The Family Kitchen Gardener Herbs in General Use - 238 Pages14. The American Gardener Propagation and Cultivation of Herbs - 244 Pages15. The Working Man's Family Botanic Guide Herbs Used in the Botanic Practice - 254 Pages16. The English Physician and English Herbs - 440 Pages17. The Art of Perfumery and the Methods of Obtaining Fragrant Herbs - 545 Pages18. The Book of Vegetables and Garden Herbs - 368 Pages19. Profitable Herb Growing and Collecting - 204 Pages20. Folklore and Religious Uses of the Medicinal Herbs - 562 Pages21. Herb Lore - 196 Pages22. A Curious Herbal - 654 Pages23. A Garden of Herbs - 256 Pages24. The Book of Herbs - 268 Pages

25. The Useful Family Herbal - 469 Pages

26. The Complete Herbal - 462 Pages

27. Growing Savory Herbs - 20 Pages

28. How to Grow Vegetables and Garden Herbs - 376 Pages

29. The Complete Herbalist - 514 Pages

These are books in a CD in PDF format. All of these rare and hard to find books are in public domain. They were produced in late 1800s and early 1900s and they became public domain in 1920. They are now mostly out of print.This high quality CD-ROM comes witha colorful artwork ona printed Inkjet label. This CD was produced using the least energy possible and using the principles of recycling as much as possible. Part of the proceeds will go into protecting the Environment, energy conservation, and saving the earth. This CD-ROM is intended for educational and informational purpose only.I have resale rights to distribute this cd. The information here are encouraged to be distributedand disseminated to the public. Its purpose is to help the people gain access to information thatwill empower communities to be self-sufficient and sustainable.
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Herbs Herbal Medicines Herb Garden Cd 29 Books Culinary Herbs Medicinal

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