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Huge Double Ammonite Fossil Display Piece- Jurassic Period For Sale

Huge Double Ammonite Fossil Display Piece- Jurassic Period

A large,fine andgenuine double Ammonite fossil. This is a fossilized ammonite formation from the Early Jurassic Period (190-175 Million years ago).

The magnificent specimen contains two conjoined ammonites.These fascinating creatures were preserved in the position in which they died and fell on the ocean floor, an incomprehensibly long time ago.

The anatomy of the ammonite is easily observed here. The long extinct creature lived in the phragmocone (inside of the shell), which was divided into camerae (chambers) by septae (the prominent lines that run across the coiled shell). The ammonite only lived in the foremost and largest of these chambers, and would form a new chamber when the creature had become too large for the current one. This process of new chamber formation results in the characteristic striated appearance of the ammonite shell. The exquisitely evolved ammonite maintained communication with these old chambers, and used them as an ingenious "buoyancy device", forcing water in and out using the phenomenon of osmosis!

The ammonite was not a bottom dweller, but instead swam at mid-level in the early seas of our planet, an incomprehensibly long time ago. It would have fed on fish and other small creatures, and was itself fed on by dinosaurs. As it spent it's time in mid-water, the ammonite had to be perfectly symmetrical in the vertical plane, to avoid falling over to one side - morphologists refer to this shape as planispiral.

Although ammonites survived numerous extinction phases, they were unable to survive the cataclysmic K-T extinction event, where they perished along with all the dinosaurs.


Height:9 1/2inches.

Condition: Extremely well preserved specimen.


Ex. British Private Collection. Reputedly found in Morocco many years ago.

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Huge Double Ammonite Fossil Display Piece- Jurassic Period

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Huge Double Ammonite Fossil Display Piece- Jurassic Period:

755g 12pcs Natural Polished
755g 12pcs Natural Polished "goat Horn" Fossil Ammonite Douvilleiceras E1368

580g 6pcs Natural Polished
580g 6pcs Natural Polished "goat Horn" Fossil Ammonite Douvilleiceras E1369

223g12pairs Of Split Ammonite Fossil Specimen Shell Healing Madagascar W1668 picture
223g12pairs Of Split Ammonite Fossil Specimen Shell Healing Madagascar W1668

880g 20pcs Natural Polished
880g 20pcs Natural Polished "goat Horn" Fossil Ammonite Douvilleiceras E1367

Monster Size, 17
Monster Size, 17" Texas Fossil Ammonite ,dinosaur Age, Cretaceous-e1012 Museum

Monster Size, 18-5/8
Monster Size, 18-5/8" Texas Fossil Ammonite ,dinosaur Age, Cretaceous-e800

726g 40pcs Natural Polished
726g 40pcs Natural Polished "goat Horn" Fossil Ammonite Douvilleiceras E1365

Monster Size, 15-7/8
Monster Size, 15-7/8" Texas Fossil Ammonite ,dinosaur Age, Cretaceous-e598

Turritella Fossil Mineral Rough Specimen #3 picture
Turritella Fossil Mineral Rough Specimen #3

7  Ammonites From Madagascar  W/drawstring Bag picture
7 Ammonites From Madagascar W/drawstring Bag