Important & Rare - Ancient Hawaii Stone Carved Hawaiian Wood Dagger "pahoa"

Important & Rare - Ancient Hawaii Stone Carved Hawaiian Wood Dagger

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Important & Rare - Ancient Hawaii Stone Carved Hawaiian Wood Dagger "pahoa":


This sale has been relisted due to non-payment! Their loss and your second chance to obtain this precious artifact!

We are pleased to be offering one of the most valuable Hawaiian Artifacts to ever be listed on . Previously listed at a major sale house, its estimated value from that sale house was between $12,000 and $18,000! Please keep in mind that major sale houses often appraise Pacifica artifacts by experts in Africana and other more traditionally sold indigenous cultural pieces, thus the estimated value is typically less than the actual value of the piece - even going as much as double or triple the estimated value!

This ancient and finely stone-and-shell-carved Pahoa, or Hawaiian Truncheon Dagger, finely stone-carved from hard wood with alternating light and dark-brown "tiger" striping of what appears to be Kauila wood, the blunt handle pierced through for attachment of original Olona fiber cord; wear indicative of significant age and wear.

The original Olona cord is not attached, but is also included in this sale. Also included will be corresponding original sale house documentation and a Certificate of Authenticity stating the provenance from an ISA certified senior appraiser.

  • About Hawaiian Daggers (Arts and Crafts of Hawaii, Sir Peter H. Buck):

    "The dagger as a distinct weapon was not made in other parts of Polynesia; but in traditional narratives are instances in which a thatching needle, a broken spear point, or some similar implement was used to stab people to death. Such weapons were improvised for this occasion, and are not included as distinctive daggers in the weapons of the various localities. Cook (1784, vol. 2. page 247),with his wide experience in the Pacific area from two previous voyages, remarked on the peculiarity of the fact that only Hawaiians had a dagger. "...They have a sort of weapon which we had never seen before, and not mentioned by any navigator, as used by the natives of the South Sea. It was somewhat like a dagger; in general, about a foot and a half long, sharpened at on or both ends, and secured to the hand by a string. Its use is to stab in close fight; and it seems well adapted to the purpose. Some of these may be called double daggers, having a handle in the middle, with which they are better enabled to strike both ways.""Authenticated daggers were made of such hard woods as kauila, uhiuhi, and pua.""The truncheon dagger may be compared to the end of a pololu spear which has been cut off square through the shaft 2 or 3 feet behind the point. It is distinguished from a broken spear point be aperforationnear the middle to which a wrist loop is attached. With the hand grasping the middle, the pointed end may be used for stabbing and the blunt end used like a policeman's truncheon for striking. It is interesting the word truncheon is derived from the Middle English tronchoun which means the shaft of a broken spear. Thus the Hawaiian truncheon dagger and the policeman's truncheon have been derived,independently, from a broken spear."

  • Tiger Striped Curled Kauila Hard Wood
  • Original Olona Cord
  • 29" inches length
  • Provenance: Private Collection - Germany
  • Certificate of Authenticity with Statement of Provenance will be issued to winning buyer
  • Information regarding Major sale House Listing will be provided to winning buyer
  • Due to its sale appraised value of $12,000 - $18,000; we can add on insurance with FedEx, estimated cost of this insurance is $100 to the continental United States