Illusive Originals - Han Solo In Carbonite

Illusive Originals - Han Solo In Carbonite

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Illusive Originals - Han Solo In Carbonite:

Collectors item! This is a full scale replica of Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, as seen in the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is. J

It’s pretty big – about 84” high, 31” wide, 15” tall, and weights around 75lbs, maybe? (UPDATE: Old shipping label says shipping weight(item, box, packing)was 115lbs). Made of fiberglass, painted sliver with a gloss coat. Includes COA and all paperwork. The round sticker on the back came off a long time ago, but it is included with the paperwork. I bought it new, and all paperwork and the exterior of the box carries the correct serial number – 961 of 2500.

Local pickup in Atlanta is free – but if you want to ship it yourself, contact me and I will work with you as long as you arrange for someone to pick it up (I will not deliver it to a shipper).

The front is pristine, but there is some chipping at the rear corners, and the back is loose in a few places - see the photos. I am not a collector, but in researching how to sell this, I have read that the build quality of these items was not anything amazing, so I think its probably "normal" wear and tear for something displayed for the past 14 years (actually, it has been boxed for the past two years, and I just opened the box today to take pics). Never smoked around, so it is clean. I would say it isgreat fordisplay in a“man cave,” orto use asa great starting point if you wanted to restore it tomint condition(or upgrade it with electronics and lights, as I have seen on the web some folks have done). In the main picture, it may look like there is a crack on his right cheek - but it's not, it is a "drip of carbonite" that was part of the original prop - see the zoomed picture of his face. Also note, there is a lot of "foam dust" in the pictures - it was originally packed in some kind of spray foam, and bits and pieces of the packing material shed whenever I open the box.

I am the original owner – it was bought in 1999 during my bachelor years. As stated above, it has been displayed on the wall and well cared for - but now, it doesn't fit in so well with the décor of ourhouse, so it is going the same place my black leather couch went - the marketplace. I am hopeful that someone who will truly care for it will pick it up, as I really think it is a great piece.If I still had a mancave, I wouldkeep it - but our this house is not well suited for a mancave, and moving to a newhouseis probably not happening anytime soon. Plus, I am not a serious collector - and I think a piece like this should be in the hands of someone who really enjoys collecting.

As a bonus,ladiesdig it - see the comic strip helpfully provided by my wife (includedas part ofthe sale). Good luck!

UPDATE: Someone asked me how noticeable the damage is. I thought I clicked "post question and response," but it has not showed up yet - so here was my response:

The damage is pretty minor - over the past several years, no one has ever noticed it or asked about it (it came from the factory with this defect), and in my opinion, you would not see it unless you were doing a pretty serious inspection of the piece. From the front, I would say it is invisible. From the side, it would be very difficult to see if you had it mounted on the wall - not invisible, but pretty darn close. If you had it standing in the middle of a room so people could walk around it in a circle, then the damage would be more visible (but not really that noticeble, unless someone was looking for it). Because the piece is so big, and your eye is drawn to the front, I would say that the damage would probably only be important to a serious collector who is looking for a piece in "mint" condition. I think the casual collector would be very pleased with it in its current state.

I am not 100% sure, but if I remember correctly, there is only the one corner in the upper left that has any damage, and it is shown in the photo. If there is any other damage to the corners, it is less than what is shown in the photo - that corner is the worst. You can also see in the photo how the back is separating, but that should not be visible unless you are displaying it in some unique way.

UPDATE: I receivedanother goodquestion: "Does it have all the original packing materials (box, foam, etc) and are those materials in good condition so I canship this item safely to <my state>?" Here is my answer:

It has the box and the foam, and some silver sheets of plastic that go between it and the foam. I have used this packaging every time I have moved - so it has travelled safely from Little Rock, to Houston, to Philadelphia, to Washington DC, and now to Atlanta. As such, neither the box nor the foam is in perfect condition, but it should be plenty to protect it. If the winner of this sale has it shipped, I will add some extra packing material to make sure it is well protected and does not move, and I will also tape the heck out of the box so it is well protected.

UPDATE: For those asking about shipping - I just looked on the box, and found another shipping label - when I received it, it came from Emery Worldwide (looks like they are now part of UPS) and the sticker saysit weighed in at For those asking about shipping, I just got another good question - how big is the box?I just measured it, and it is (roughly) 21" X 42" X

Illusive Originals - Han Solo In Carbonite:

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