Jewish Medal-s.c.hakoahׂׂׂ (sport Club Hakoah)-vienna-judaica-1961

Jewish Medal-s.c.hakoahׂׂׂ (sport Club Hakoah)-vienna-judaica-1961

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Jewish Medal-s.c.hakoahׂׂׂ (sport Club Hakoah)-vienna-judaica-1961:



CONDITION: Very good. (Used. See pictures).You are viewing a jewish medal of sport club Hakoah from Vienna. 1961.
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Hakoah Vienna

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Hakoah Vienna(German:Sport Club Hakoah Wien; Hakoah means "the strength" inHebrew) was anAustriansports club.

Prior to World War II, it produced several Olympic athletes and was notable for fielding an entirely Jewishassociation footballteam with players drawn from across Europe. Closed down by theNazisin 1938 following theAnschluss, it re-formed in 1945, though its football team was disbanded in 1949.


A pair (Kabarettist)Fritz "Beda" Löhnerand dentist Ignaz Herman Körner, founded the club in 1909. Influenced byMax Nordau's doctrine of "Muscular Judaism" (German:Muskeljudentum), they named the club "Hakoah" (Hebrew: הכח), meaning "the strength" or "the power" inHebrew. In its first year, the club's athletes competed infencing, football,field hockey,track & field,wrestlingand swimming.

Hakoah Vienna was one of the first football teams to market themselves globally by travelling frequently where they would attract thousands of Jewish fans to their matches against local teams in cities such as London and New York. Support for Hakoah spread around Europe rapidly as Jews as far as Russia and the United States avidly supported Hakoah Vienna who took advantage of such support by setting up very successful tours and friendlies. As the first "Jewish" team, Hakoah attracted the attention of prominent Jewish figures including authorFranz Kafka. In the offseason, Hakoah traveled around the world marketing their success. However, instead of selling jerseys and other merchandise, Hakoah soldZionism. In preparation for their visits, they sent promoters ahead of the team in order to generate buzz and attract Jewish fans.[2]Hakoah was not new to the notion of global tours; the organization's other teams, like swimming and wrestling had already traveled around the world and won a collection of medals. However, the team did often face anti-Semitism during its world travels. The club created an unconventional form of security, having the Hakoah wrestling team accompany them and act as their personal bodyguards.

Hakoah finished second in the Austrian league in 1922.

On the team's trip to London in 1923, they managed to defeatWest Ham Unitedby a score of 5–1, admittedly against a largely reserve team. Nevertheless, Hakoah became the first continental club to defeat an English team in England.

Hakoah Vienna football team, 1925

In a dramatic game of the 1924–25 season, Hakoah'sHungarian-born goalkeeperAlexander Fabianbroke his arm. The rules at the time did not allow substitutions so Fabian put his arm in a sling and switched positions with a forward. Seven minutes later Fabian scored the winning goal, clinching Hakoah'sleague championship.

In 1926, the team conducted a highly successful tour of the United States. Their game at New York City'sPolo Groundsattracted 46,000 spectators, a record at the time. Many of the team's players, impressed by the relative lack ofanti-Semitismthey found, decided to stay in the United States, accepting offers to play for American clubs. Several of these players formed a club calledNew York Hakoahwhich won theNational Challenge Cupin 1929. A few playersemigrated to Mandate Palestineand foundedHakoah Tel Avivfootball club there. The loss of so many talented players effectively put an end to the Austrian football team's competitiveness.

The athletic club's success extended beyond the football pitch. Hakoah had highly successful sections polo, and swimming among other sports. At its pre-war peak, the club had over 5000 members.Watermarks, a 2004 documentary film, tells the story of the Hakoah women's swim team with historical footage from the 1930s and contemporary interviews with surviving team members.

After theAnschlussof 1938, theGerman Football Associationbanned the club and nullified their games. Their stadium was appropriated and given to theNazi party. In 1945 the club was founded again and exists today. The football team, which played in the second division of the Austrian championship after World War II, became defunct in 1949.


In 2000, the Jewish community of Vienna purchased the club's old fields withinPraterpark for€10 million with the intention of building a new community center. As of 2006, the club had about 400 members and its football team plays in Austria's minor leagues under the nameSC Maccabi Wien.The club opened its new home on 11 March 2008.

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Jewish Medal-s.c.hakoahׂׂׂ (sport Club Hakoah)-vienna-judaica-1961:

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