Jpop Tokyo Rock H&a Cat Zombie Punk Death Note Plush For Sale

Jpop Tokyo Rock H&A Cat Zombie Punk Death Note Plush!

wholesale welcome!! exclusive items!

i'm very happy to introduce this WORLD EXCLUSIVE DOLL here!!

yes we're soo over the moon to introduce these lovely HANGRY & ANGRY baby dolls!

these are the most popular & adorable 7" baby dolls

Both of them features with the black and white contrast and irregular ears, black solid sparkle eyes,

torn doctor white and black signature contrast mummy body, stiff long black tail

these are the well made HANGRY & ANGRY dolls, every sawing is so delicate.

made of the finest solid cotton mixture, very very delicate artwork.

These are the popular meow cartton, and they have been appearing in harajuku for so long!!

They also appeared in the DEATH NOTE movie, MISA's room!!! wow!

exclusive in MPT only!! don't miss this great chance to have these cutie meows!!!

limited in stock! made of the high quality fabric, satisfiction guaranteed!!

available both Hangry & Angry!!

this sale is for both Hangry & Angry!!

buy 2 pairs and save $$$$$!!

the lovely meow scarf is also available in the listings!

size: length 9" width 4"

Please note this listing is for the HANGRY & ANGRY set only! It dosen't come with the CUSTUME of the comics!!

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Jpop Tokyo Rock H&a Cat Zombie Punk Death Note Plush

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Jpop Tokyo Rock H&a Cat Zombie Punk Death Note Plush:

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