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Leather Frog / Axe / Hatchet / Sword / Dagger For Sale

Leather Frog / Axe / Hatchet / Sword / Dagger

Leather Frog / Axe / Hatchet / Sword / Dagger

Thissturdy 10-11 oz BLACK drum dyed bridleleather frog is the same premium product that I've made for thousands of SCA and Ren-Faire participants. It is sealed the full length on all sides to prevent die transfer onto your attire. Itis crafted from1 1/2" strap and loopedto handle a 1 1/2"roundstick or a similarly sized weapon. These are very popular with SCA and LARP fighters who would like a handy simpleharness to hold a weapon.

The NERF(tm) sword pictured is an N-Force and has a blade width of 2 1/4". Our frog does a great job holding this class of weapons as well as many other conventional and non conventional styles. People have found that they work quite well for multi-cell Mag-lite flashlights too. Many uses.

Options: INCLUDED FOR FREE. NO EXTRA CHARGE. (it's just good belt-making.)

  • Color: being Black, Chestnut, Black is the Standard.

  • Bore: We can accomodate different requests for bore of the weapon. Just let us know what you'd like and we'll craft something to make you happy.
  • Width: This is made from 1-1/2 inch wide sealed bridle leather. If you'd prefer something a little more slender we can use 1" instead.
  • Which Side: We'll want to know which side you'll be wearing this on so that we can build it right for you. The BLACK frog pictured in this sale is a intended to be worn on the right side of your body. For obvious reasons we call this a RH (right hand) frog. The BROWN frog pictured is intended to be work on the left side of your body. This is what we call the LH (right hand) frog.
The first frog that we'll send will be a LH (left hand) frog (for a cross body right handed sword draw) if we don't hear from you. If you order two, we'll assume a LH & a RH. Three, a left, a right, and another left. And so on. Please let us know if you'd like something different

Thisuseful frogis handmade entirely with hand tools in our smoke free workshop in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Please contact us within 3 days after the end of the sale,and make payment within7 days. We ship fast via USPS FCM (or better) with delivery confirmation. We are happy to ship internationally and insurance is included in this rate.

Buy It Now Special Offer: We will include a

Free Brain Teaser metal puzzle

This picture is representative of the item on sale. Which means that I don't take a picture of EVERYfrog that I make.

Satisfaction policy - Your happiness with our products is a top priority. See our response and know that this represents our sincere commitment to our customers. Please contact us if you have any problem with what we've sent. The deal's not done till everyone leaves smiling.

Custom works happily considered in belts, shields, or armor.
For more detail on what we can do visit or click on the logo if typing is not your thing.

Best Regards and Thanks for See Our Latest Workshop Creatiions visit Dark Victory Armory on Facebook
Our Sincere Thanks for (and David),
chief armorer (and apprentice)
Dark Victory Armory
and remember your purchase supports the Society for Feeding Ancient We wish to thank our many customers for the overwhelming response to our belts. We have been delighted to serve you and make the best belts in the known worlde.

On Jul-17-13 at 18:25:58 PDT, seller added the following information:

Handling time Notification: Please be aware that the handling time in this sale will reflect our attendance in the Pennsic War between July 20th through August 7th. We will be happy to accept your orders during this period and will ship your items promptly upon our return, but please be aware of the delay while we are at war.

Leather Frog / Axe / Hatchet / Sword / Dagger

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Leather Frog / Axe / Hatchet / Sword / Dagger :

11" Full Tang Throwing Axe Tomahawk Hatchet Hawk W/ Sheath Combat Ninja New

One -19
One -19" Mountain Man Rendezvous Trade Style Tomahawk / Hatchet Peace Pipe - New

10" Rescue Tactical Survival Zombie Throwing Axe Hatchet Tomahawk W/ Sheath

Mach251cs T-hangers Rosewood Handle 'the Hoss' Machette W/ Sheath picture
Mach251cs T-hangers Rosewood Handle 'the Hoss' Machette W/ Sheath

Ontario 8521 Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Machete Orange 27 3/4
Ontario 8521 Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Machete Orange 27 3/4" Overall 22 1/4" Bla

Mach374cs T-hangers Big Game Hivis Orange Handle 'the Javelina' Machete Sheath picture
Mach374cs T-hangers Big Game Hivis Orange Handle 'the Javelina' Machete Sheath

Ontario Onct5 Carbon Steel Traditional Machete 27 1/2
Ontario Onct5 Carbon Steel Traditional Machete 27 1/2" Overall Black Zinc

6144 Ontario Machete 18
6144 Ontario Machete 18" Black Hdl

Lot Of 8 Axes/hatchet Heads (no Handles) picture
Lot Of 8 Axes/hatchet Heads (no Handles)

Ontario On18s Black Finish Sawback Machete 18
Ontario On18s Black Finish Sawback Machete 18" Carbon Steel Sawback Blade