Lot Of 50 Early 1900s Holiday Postcards *st. Patrick's Day*easter*valentine*

Lot Of 50 Early 1900s Holiday Postcards *st. Patrick's Day*easter*valentine*

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Lot Of 50 Early 1900s Holiday Postcards *st. Patrick's Day*easter*valentine*:

Lot of50Early 1900sHoliday / GreetingPostcards


The photos which accompany this listing are of those postcards which you willreceive in this lot.There is a photo of each individual postcard included in this listing for your reviewMy postcard lots are not a grab bag. These postcards areboth used andunused.

My listings of this type consist generally of undivided back, pre-linen, white border, linen, and post-linen postcards. Due to the age of these postcards (many 75-100 years old) it is reasonable to expect that there may be some light corner wear, crease, smudging, etc. No postcard with a significant tear or crease will be included in my listings.

MUST READ DETAILS BEFORE PROCEEDING: I am happy to offer again this year free shipping on all mailings (up to 50 cards in a single listing) within the United States. In return for the free shipping, I do require that by placing a offer for any of my listings, buyers agree to the following terms, with no exception. These terms are just common sense and already assumed by most buyers/buyers; however, asks that sellers be very specific with their terms.

1. Nonpayment for even ONE of my listings will result in being blocked from offerding on my listings in the future and, a Non-Pay report will be submitted to in accordance with sellers' instructions. I will work with all buyers regarding payment, but I do require payment within 10 days.

2. No refund will be honored without the return of the postcards. Return postage is at the buyer's expense. This should not be necessary as a photo scan of each postcard is included with my listings (maximum 60 postcards in a single listing.) Please review all of the photos carefully before offerding for subject and condition.

3. NO refund will be honored for a USPS delay in delivery. I have no control, responsibility, or liability for USPS delays. None of my mailings has ever been lost; however, with the postal system revamping and closing many of their post offices, some of the mail is being re-routed. The USPS has advised in the national TV news, online, and in newspapers that mail just crossing a particular town may now take 2 days or even longer. Obviously, mail crossing the country will take much longer. Once the mailings are in the hands of the USPS there is nothing additional I can do to ensure delivery.All domestic mailings have tracking and international mailing are tracked by the Customs document.

Once a listing ends and you have been the successful buyer, an invoice will be sent to you. If you are "watching" additional postcards which I have listed, pleasedo not pay from the initial invoice, but wait to pay (within a 7-day period) until the listings end which you are interested in. I request you handle payment in this manner so that I can continue to offer "free shipping". An invoice is sent to each winning buyer once the listing has ended, but again, I ask that you pay once all the listings end in which you are interested.

Payment: PayPal preferred. If you choose to use an alternative method of payment, please contact me prior to the end of the listing. I will work with all buyers; however, payment is due within 7 days of the end of the listing. Please check your "My " page as I indicate when your mailing has been shipped to you.

Shipping: PROMPT SHIPPING to addresses in the United States.I ship all postcards by U.S. Mail. I have never had any of my mailings lost in the mail; however, on a rare occasion delivery may takea little longer than I am happy with. Once I have given my mailing to the post office, I cannot be responsible for delivery/delivery time.

I mail postcards to the winning buyer 1-2 days following receipt of payment (weekdays). When you see on your "My " that I have left you response, you will know that your postcards have been shipped.

Please feel free to check my response. I pride myself with quality postcards,timely shipping, safe packaging, and good communication with buyers and prospective buyers.


Lot Of 50 Early 1900s Holiday Postcards *st. Patrick's Day*easter*valentine*:

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