Mini Meerschaum Claw/skull Pipe Free Hard Case Ital Wick/lighter A+ Quality

Mini Meerschaum Claw/skull Pipe Free Hard Case Ital Wick/lighter A+ Quality

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Mini Meerschaum Claw/skull Pipe Free Hard Case Ital Wick/lighter A+ Quality:


Mini Pipe

"Claw & Skull"


Made in Turkey

And are of the Finest Workmanship & Quality

Waxed with Bee’s Wax


Free HardCase& Hemp Bees Wax Wick & Lighter

Stem Colors may vary from picture

Most pipes need to be seasoned and or cooled down and dried in between smokes

Meerschaum does Not!

With Meerschaum, the First Smoke is as good as the 100th

If you never smoked from a Meerschaum Pipe You really need try

Mini Size Meerschaum

Sizes are all approx. Because each Pipe is Unique Each Pipe size may vary slightly depending on the design. For the Most part they are:

Length : 4.5"

Height : 1.5"

Width : 1"

Bowl Diameter : .75"

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Mini Meerschaum Claw/skull Pipe Free Hard Case Ital Wick/lighter A+ Quality:

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Altinay Meershaun Pipe picture
Altinay Meershaun Pipe

Us.e45: Antique Meerschaum Pipe Of Plant Life picture
Us.e45: Antique Meerschaum Pipe Of Plant Life

Us.e46: Antique Meerschaum Pipe Of American Indian picture
Us.e46: Antique Meerschaum Pipe Of American Indian

Us.a08: Antique Hand Carved Wooden Man Pipe picture
Us.a08: Antique Hand Carved Wooden Man Pipe

Us.d35: Antique Man W/ Cap Carved Wooden Pipe picture
Us.d35: Antique Man W/ Cap Carved Wooden Pipe

Us.a01: Antique Deer Hand Carved Wooden Pipe picture
Us.a01: Antique Deer Hand Carved Wooden Pipe