Made Of Titanium Antiallergic Belt Buckle Needle Pin Buckle Style Diy Fastener

Made Of Titanium Antiallergic Belt Buckle Needle Pin Buckle Style Diy Fastener

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Made Of Titanium Antiallergic Belt Buckle Needle Pin Buckle Style Diy Fastener:

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Material:Grade 5 (Ti6A14V) Titanium

Skin-friendly /Fashion and Ergonomic design /Handmade /Ultra lightweight /Anti allergy and corrosion /High strength and compitable

50mm(outer width) x 52mm(length); Inner width:40mm (Recommend for 38mm belt buckle).
46.5mm(outer width) x 47.5mm(length);inner width:37mm (Recommend for 35mm belt buckle).

35mm belt buckle
38mm belt buckle
35mm belt buckle x 1pc screw x 1pcs keeper
38mm belt buckle x 1pc screw x 1pcs keeper

Shape: square

Package list :1pcs

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Made Of Titanium Antiallergic Belt Buckle Needle Pin Buckle Style Diy Fastener:

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