Miniature Gun Makarov Pm Scale1:2,5 Engraved Model Toy Gun Collectable Gun Fob

Miniature Gun Makarov Pm Scale1:2,5 Engraved Model Toy Gun Collectable Gun Fob

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Miniature Gun Makarov Pm Scale1:2,5 Engraved Model Toy Gun Collectable Gun Fob:

Amazing vintage miniature metal scale model Russian Makrov PM outstanding fine details Well made out of metal very nice craftsmanship has matching details.Model has all moving parts,beautiful finish and in excellent condition . This is small model, not real size! This is handmade model. Only 1 was made.
The gun isin very good condition,producedin a limited a private collectionandhas not been any collector.
Size - 2 1/4 inch(6cm)
This is not areplica of theweapon- acollectiblemodel only! CANT SHOOT ANY TYPE REAL BULLETS!!!THIS IS A miniature SCALE MODEL ONLY!All model made only for order! Production time - 4-5 weekMany other models you can find in my store.Go to the page of my class="MsoNormal" align="center">Shipping

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We are collectors, enthusiasts and gun owners for over 30 years. We have great respect for those people who possess weapons. It is also well aware that owning a large number of weapons it is impossible for several reasons. For such people, we offer a small copy of small arms, with beautiful detailing and workmanship. These models are manufactured in different countries around the world, and we love to have collected them for you!Some models we produce ourselves, and you will not find them in any other store. We also have artists who are professionally paint your models.

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Model dosn't fire.
The model does not shoot any types of ammunition and can not be redone for shooting !!!THIS IS A SCALE MODEL ONLY, IT CANNOT SHOOT (no shooting feature)!
This is not areplica of theweapon- acollector'smodel!Do can not bealtered!This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug.

Miniature Gun Makarov Pm Scale1:2,5 Engraved Model Toy Gun Collectable Gun Fob:

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