Myrtle Desk Company Functional Maple Desk Chair Kearney State Teachers College

Myrtle Desk Company  Functional Maple Desk Chair Kearney State Teachers College

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Myrtle Desk Company Functional Maple Desk Chair Kearney State Teachers College:

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EARTHJUNK- Sargent, Nebraska

Myrtle Desk Company High Point North Carolina

* 1 Durable Practical Chair - no metal number from the state college

* Sturdy

* 18 & 1/2" wide by 19 & 1/2" deep

* Seat is around 18" up from the floor

* Overall, around 31 & 3/8" tall

* Handy book rack with a ledge to help books stay put!

* Dated June 1963

* This chairhas the original tag on the bottom. (in the corner)

* High quality workmanship and style- the hallmark of older American Made furniture

* Excellent condition structurally, sturdy, comfortable and room ready.

* Cosmetically, there are the normal scuffs, scratches, dents and rubs from regular use at a State College. Please do not expect this chair to look new. The wonderful style makes up for its cosmetic use.

* Durable - built to last forever.

* You do not see any new Library furniture that has the quality & construction & style of this Mid Century chair

* A total of 20 available

* Investment grade furniture.

If you have questions about shipment or purchase please call 303-907-0793 or visit Earthjunk online to see our Galleries in Sargent for local pickup in Nebraska. Call for your lower adjusted price if picking up locally.


Greyhound shipment. Please read Earthjunk shipping timeline & terms. Free is not synonymous with Fast. 1. We are the largest source of used EA & TC in the country. 2. We have many direct sales in addition to . Consequently, all our sales are set at 20 days to leave our zip code. EARTHJUNK processes your order immediately after receiving your required shipping information. Our handling time is one day or less. Once you submit a valid phone number & terminal location your furniture goes to Pride Packing. Pride Packing carefully packages orders sequentially arranged by customer submission of shipping information. Pride Packing works 7 days a week. At any given time there are many boxes & pallets waiting the trucker's return to our tiny town. It can be faster than 20 days, in between or on target. Thank you for your understanding!

Professional labor, fuel surcharges, local trucker & national shipper charges, insurance plus standard recycled materials included for the 48 contiguous states.

PROTECT IT foam wall for 15 additional dollars is highly recommended but optional.

All furniture purchases require information only the buyer can provide. It is the buyer's responsibility to contact us via separate email with at least one valid phone number (2 preferred) and the location of your Greyhound terminal. Go to shipGreyhound dot com, click on location tab, choose your state, pick from the list & notify us via separate email.

Once youprovide the required shipping information via separate email to earthjunk, your furniture is taken to be professionally prepared by Pride Packing.

You pick up your purchase at your local Greyhound terminal.

By offerding on this item, you are acknowledging you have read & agree with all EARTHJUNK terms & conditions stated herein. UN207169

Payment is due within 14 days.

Many customers prefer traditional payment.

We accommodate buyer requests if online payment is not to your satisfaction.

Please email earthjunk at earthjunk dot com or call 303-907-0793.

Even if you pay immediately online there can be a wait of up to 20 days to leave zip code 68874 on all furniture items.

Murphy's Law! Sometimes, more the one person want the same item. We have loaded a piece out of one of our buildings, driven to Manor House to end the sale & find someone else has purchased the exact item. That is a rare event, but can happen. We refund your payment in full.


* Although states we ship quickly, that's 's generic automatically applied statement for sellers of our stature. Fast shipment is Not ALWAYS TRUE for EARTHJUNK.

Due to the care we take with packaging furniture, the remote area in which we live & the large amounts of furniture we are shipping the wait time can be up to 20 days to leave zip code 68874. We are the largest source of used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company in the country! There will be other orders ahead of yours. We have many direct sales in addition to . After leaving rural Nebraska your furniture will have more days as it travels with the shipper.

We have no control of shipping company in transit time. We do not have any control on when the local area trucker returns to to Sargent to pick up all the boxes. We do not own a semi truck with a lift gate nor even have the license to operate one! Furthermore, We do not own any of the companies that ship for us. Others control the length of time. We do process your order immediately & Pride Packing takes it to be prepared. The entire North Wing of the Sargent District Hospital is devoted to packing where all the packed orders await the truckers return!

* The main factor delaying shipment and effecting the cost is the high price of fuel.  Due to the high cost of diesel, the local area trucker is not coming to this small rural town unless he has a full load in and full load out. We appreciate all buyers that fully understand our situation.

* There is a wait for all furniture items to ship.

* The wait ranges from 20 days up to 30 days in winter weather.

* Contact us or call 303-907-0793 for the next anticipated shipment date.

* When leaving your anonymous response please realize we actually have no control over how fast the national shippers transport your purchase or when the local area trucker returns to Sargent to transport to the national carriers. We are scored on two categories we have little control over. It is expected that we have perfect scores.

* Greyhound is the preferred shipping service we offer for items weighing between 30 to 99 pounds.

* We can substitute USPS or UPS for Greyhound for very small or light furniture items.

* We or our consignors pay Pride Packing for all the labor, basic materials and fuel surcharges.

Most buyers are unaware of the labor and time involved in packing  furniture for safe arrival. Large furniture items like china hutches take 6 to 8 hours to prepare. The minimum packing time per Greyhound box is 2.5 hours. The average packing time for motor freight exceeds 5 hours per pallet. Banding strips are $10.00 dollars each Box and included in your purchase. Used blankets are $5.00 dollars each. Wood for building pallets & cardboard is purchased. Insurance is included with your purchase.  Again, we either pay Pride Packing for these  materials or the consignor does.

The national carrier fuel surcharge changes at the first of each month. We or the consignor pay the fuel surcharge along with both the local trucker charges & the national shipper charges.  We do not charge the buyer for any of the above costs.  Furniture shipment is labor intensive and time consuming.

Furthermore, the workmanship of PRIDE PACKING is professional. We have purchased TELL CITY Chair Company furniture on for our personal collection since 1998. We are aware Pride Packing's workmanship far surpasses any packed furniture  we have received the past 10 years. Every time we were disappointed in the packaging, we added another packing no-no to the list. If you upgrade to the PROTECT IT foam wall option your furniture will be provided with the ultimate situation in which to travel across the United States. The cost of PROTECT IT for  single and double chairs is only 15 dollars. Larger items slightly more depending on the size. There are many positive comments in our response about Pride Packing!

***There are only three things we can control about furniture shipment.

1. The quality of the packing. Pride Packing provides top notch workmanship and old fashioned attention to detail. We send out packages like we wish ours would be prepared.

2. Free professional labor, free basic materials, insurance, fuel surcharges plus national shipper and local trucker charges are included.

3. Ongoing Communication. Earthjunk will email you directly. The generic form letters do not allow us to email directions specific to motor freight or Greyhound. Please check your email daily after your furniture purchase. If you want a phone call instead of email when your item ships, let us know at the time of purchase.

* You agree to pick up your furniture at the respective terminal.

* On motor freight shipment you may substitute a commercial business address with a loading dock for the motor freight terminal.

* The motor freight shipping amount is for pick up at the motor freight terminal or a commercial business address with a dock.

 Additional services are not included in the quoted shipping amount. The minimum wage employees answering the phone or working at the terminal will agree to doing additional work but they are not aware of the terms of this sale. Nothing beyond your pickup at the terminal is included. We (EARTHJUNK and our consignors) can not afford to absorb additional services not included in this sale. We want to be quite clear that you must pick up your furniture at the terminal or provide a commercial business address with a dock.

No additional services are included in the sale.


* Motor freight shipment to Canada & Mexico is available but is a different higher amount than the 48 states.

* Email your complete address for quote.


* Our furniture has been shipped as far away as Kuwait.

* You must contact an international crating and shipping service of your  choice.

* All necessary arrangements must be made by you. We are happy to receive your offer but are not able to quote or arrange shipping outside the USA.(except Canada & Mexico)


Monthly Delivery to Denver, Colorado

We offer free blanket wrapped delivery to Denver, Colorado. Blanket wrap is the premium shipping method You pick up at 80204 from us personally & inspect before taking paying. NO paypal payment for free blanket wrap delivery to our zip code 80204.

Please email for additional details PRIOR to offerding.


* We offer a generous 60 days of free storage for furniture pick-up.

* If you pick up your furniture you pay 6.5 per cent sales tax.

* If you are picking up your furniture immediately you need to bring cash.

* Prior to pick-up you need to schedule a pick up time so we can have your purchase easily accessible and be home. We are not always in town. We need at least 48 hours notice and prefer at least a week's notice.

YES, We ship to CANADA, due to the size of furniture we need to get you a quote. Please email.

Ownership of the item transfers to the buyer with payment.

* All insurance proceeds go to the buyer. We do not reimburse for damage caused in transit, replace the item or refund the purchase price. Insurance serves this purpose. 

To access insurance funds you must fill out & return all required EARTHJUNK forms at your earliest possible convenience so your insurance claim can be initiated. All insurance claims require the buyer's signature on a Fraud Prevention Statement.

It is the buyer's responsibility to save all packaging materials & boxes, save the damaged item(s), take photos of damage & complete the required paperwork within 15 days. You must cooperate with the shipping company/insurance company/seller when or if they contact you for additional information, to schedule pickup, to inspect the items(s) or any other information needed to complete/process your claim.

Processing the claim is a teamwork effort between the buyer, the shipping company, the insurance company and the seller.

The buyer information must be submitted first as you are in possession of the damaged item.(s)

We can not file your claim until you complete all required paperwork, take photos & mail it to us.

Your designated time frame to complete initial paperwork is 15 days or less.


Our total response is 100 per cent positive over all 14 years! 12 months of response does not show buyers the longevity nor the standard with which our business has been conducted. The current response system does not accurately reflect the quality with which we have sold & packed furniture since the very beginning of . We have the highest possible standards.

We are long time customers of the American manufacturers whose used furniture we collect & sell.  We admire the style and workmanship associated with these fine companies. 

There is no affiliation between any brand names  and EARTHJUNK.   We do not represent these companies.

We only started selling fine American made solid wood furniture, when our 38 room house in Nebraska could not hold any more furniture. What started out as a simple need to empty the house to make more room for our personal furniture collections grew into a business that we love!  We offer the largest selection of Ethan Allen and Tell City on .

Our 38 room home in Burwell Nebraska is available for sale.


Our corporate headquarters are in Sargent, Nebraska 68874.

We have over 30,000 sq. ft. designated for our online offerings.

Our first furniture Gallery located at 201 S Highway 183 Sargent, Nebraska is OPEN.

Call for your personal appointment.

Collections are organized into separate showrooms featuring designer wallpaper hand picked to accent the wood & style. Having one level shopping/loading for our EARTHJUNK customers is our first priority! An Art Gallery, Restaurant & Bar are in varying stages of completion.

Our customers are the best! Educated, intelligent & witty, a delight to meet!

We look forward to serving you in friendly small town Sargent! To find out more about EARTHJUNK please google our name to see more photos and find out more information.


The pot of gold: treasures, furniture, antiques, collectibles & junk galore is in Sargent, Nebraska!

Sargent is home to Earthjunk. American made furniture is the new hot collectible. With the invasion of foreign made poorly constructed rain forest furniture that needs replaced every 8 years USA made furniture is in demand.

As you drive into Sargent, you will see the largest retailer of Vintage Horse Drawn Wagons in the USA, ThompsonsTreasuresInc. Please look over their wagons on . Save some time for treasure hunting with Dave & Tami Thompson when you plan your furniture pickup. You can leave Sargent with a covered wagon full of investment grade American made furniture!

Together we offer 9 acres of Antiques, Collectibles, Junk & Treasures.

We are recruiting other dealers to join us at Nebraska's Antique Capital.

Myrtle Desk Company Functional Maple Desk Chair Kearney State Teachers College:

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