No Reserve Civil War Confederate Letter, Daguerreotype -battle At Horse Landing

No Reserve Civil War Confederate Letter, Daguerreotype -battle At Horse Landing

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No Reserve Civil War Confederate Letter, Daguerreotype -battle At Horse Landing:



~ Guaranteed 100% Authentic ~

A rare Confederate document!

December 10, 1864 signed letter from Major H.R. Teasdale to Richard Joseph Adams of the 7th Florida Infantry. Also included in this sale is a 1/6th plate Daguerreotype photo of Richard Joseph Adams.

The letter is instructing Adams to go to the site of the Battle at Horse Landing and retrieve (steal) any machinery from the wrecked/sunk Federal Gunboat "Columbine". He also instructs him to retrieve corn from a nearby plantation for the families of the soldiers.

The letter reads:


You will proceed to the Horse Landing on the St. Johns River, with the ... under your charge and transport from that Landing to this place such of the machinery, etc, as may have been removed from the wreck of the gunboat "Columbine". Arrange your movements so as not to remain over night at the River.



You will haul from the .... plantation such corn as may be there for the families of soldiers, to the .... place, provided it does not delay you too long.

H.R. Teasdale"

Approximate dimensions of the letter: 8-3/8" x 10-1/4"

The Daguerreotype photo has a typed note inside by Adams' son, Richard F. Adams of Palatka, Florida. The note reads:

"My father, Richard Joseph Adams when young,

Born Cavendish, Vermont,

May 3d. 1833,

Died Palatka, November 19th. 1912,

Grave in West View Cemetery,

Came to Palatka, Fall of 1856.



Case measures approximately: 3-5/8" x 3-1/4"

Condition of photo: The front cover of the case has separated but is being held on loosly with tape. The photo itself is in good condition, though there are markings on the glass.

Please see the photos for additional details and the most accurate description of the item's condition.

The Battle at Horse Landing: On May 23rd, 1864, Captain John Jackson Dickison, with men from the 2nd Florida Cavalry and a battery from the Milton Light Artillery, disabled and captured the Federal gunboat, Columbine. At the time, Union forces controlled the land east of the St. Johns River. The elusive Dickison had made several raids across the river, capturing two outposts. Hoping to trap the Confederates on the east side, Union ground troops moved toward Welaka, and the Columbine was sent upriver. Dickison however, had already crossed the river and set the ambush here at Horse Landing, where the channel and current would bring the boat to within 60 yards of shore.The Columbine, under the command of Acting Ensign Frank Sanborn, was described as 117 feet in length and "a thing of beauty". The Columbine returned fire, but was soon disabled and surrendered. All but three of her crew and the army troops aboard were killed or captured. The Federal dead are reportedly buried on this rivershore. There were no Confederate casualties. After removing all the supplies and armament possible, the Columbine was burned and sunk, to avoid recapture.It is the only known incident in history where a cavalry unit sank an enemy gunboat. Dickison was known in the Southern press as the Swamp Fox (and as the Knight of the White Camellia, by the ladies). The Federals referred to him as "Dixie", and land west of the St. Johns was "Dixie's Land".An interesting footnote: A lifeboat taken from the Columbine was later given by Dickison to John S. Breckenridge, Confederate Secretary of War, to aid in his escape to Cuba at the end of the war.

Richard J. Adams (Born in Cavendish, Vermont May 3, 1833 - Died November 19, 1912 in Palatka, Florida)came to Palatka, Florida in October of 1856 to assist his Brother in Law, Hubbard H. Hart on his Stage Line from Palatka to Tampa. When the war began, he joined Norton's Company at Palatka, but was immediately detached as Wagon Master. He was transferred to Company H. Second Florida Calvary when the Norton Company went to Virginia. He later served in the 7th Florida Infantry Regiment.

He hauled mostly Blockage Goods to Lake City, but was present at St. Johns Bluff, where he saved his wagon when the Confederates retreated. He arrived at Olustee the day after that battle to assist with the wounded. He hauled machinery from the Federal Gun Boat Columbine to Lake City after it was captured by Capt. Dickenson near Horse Landing. The Columbine was then burned to prevent re-capture by the Federals.

The immediate superiors at Lake City were Capt. R.R. Reid and Maj. H.R. Teasdale.

Adams was Captain on Hart Line Beats after the war until he married Emily F. Adams from Shady Dale, Ga. on September 21st, 1869, then in business for himself. They had one child, Richard F. Adams.

The 7th Infantry Regiment was organized at Gainesville, Florida, in April, 1862. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Bradford, Hillsborough, Alachua, Manatee, and Marion. During the war it served in R.C. Trigg's, Finley's, and J.A. Smith's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The 7th took an active part in the arduous campaigns of the army from Chickamauga to Nashville, then fought its last battle at Bentonville. It sustained few casualties at Chickamauga and in December, 1863, totalled 278 men and 206 arms. The unit surrendered on April 26, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels Robert Bullock and Madison S. Perry, Lieutenant Colonel Tillman Ingram, and Major Nathan S. Blount.
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No Reserve Civil War Confederate Letter, Daguerreotype -battle At Horse Landing:

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