Nfl North Carolina Panthers You Pick 15-150 Precut Bottle Cap Images 1" Circles

Nfl North Carolina Panthers You Pick 15-150  Precut Bottle Cap Images 1

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Nfl North Carolina Panthers You Pick 15-150 Precut Bottle Cap Images 1" Circles:

North Carolina Panthers NFL bottle cap images choose from the Drop down gives you the sheet/sheets number(s) included and the number of 1" circle images additionally I have the choice of choosing sheet by amount and number 30-45-75-150 please put sheet numbers in pay pal notes
FREE DIGITAL COPY UPON REQUEST! Tired of buying Same Images over and over. To receive free digital copy receive your item leave feed back then message me EMAIL address to SEND FREE DIGITAL. It Will be sent with in 24 hours of message.****Free offer Given for full cost items only if you make a best offer & it is accepted no free file will be given.****

EPOXY Resin 1" Circles available in my store listing #223062155841


THESE MAKE CUTE CUPCAKE TOPPERS(ARE NOT EDIBLE) For use as a cupcake topperI glue twoback to back with toothpick or half a lollipop stick.You can add a larger decorative paper in middle to make fancy or add to bottle cap and put incenter works great-they also are adorable just suck in icing on a tilt in mini cupcakes.(I do offer in 2 inch for bigger displays send message for pricing or look in store for my custom 2 inch listing) also make pins,magnets, badge reels (blank reels are in my store) jewelry, pendants, keychains ornaments, zipper pulls, bows, earrings, cufflinks, craft project, envelope seal, candy labels, gatorade bottles and many other crafting and scrapbooking ideas. I can also now make them into stickers inquire for details via messages.

There is CUSTOM listings in my store for you to request custom sizes or ifyou can not find what your looking for in my over 1000 sheets listed in my store including all
theMLB Teams,all the NFL teams,Childrens, Advertising, Disney, Movies Music Artist, television and Movie Bottle Caps with several other images in my store. Please message regarding custom images.

I do offer 15% DISCOUNT FOR UNCUTDELIVERY-you receive full 4x6 photo allowing you to store in photo album for quick view and to pull and punch images as needed very easy to store this way.You must ask for Invoice and combined shipping. Send me a message prior to paying to request for uncut delivery.I will update the shipping to combine all items and give you a discount of 15% on all bottle cap sheets on inventory in my store. There is not a free digital copy offered with this choice of delivery.

BULK ORDERSare welcome and deeply discounted I especially love to work with churches or fundraising events contact me for pricing!


NO TRACKING WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEM. This listing will be shipped using first class stamp $1.89 in 1-5 business days shipping (per post office postal Zone you reside) You may always request an invoice with multiply items I will always combine shipping for you based on chart below.

Need SOONER or would like TRACKINGask for invoice and message me that you would 2-3 day business day shippingwith tracking. Request invoice and messageme you would like expedited shipping. If you forget to do thisor change your mind prior to shipping I do have a listing to purchase upgrade. YOU MUST MESSAGE MEWHEN REQUESTING SHIPPING UPGRADE. Shipping upgrade is required for DIGITAL disc delivery.

COMBINED Shipping available if you purchase additional listings and requestINVOICE PRIOR TO SHIPPING-PRICING ADJUSTMENT WILL BE GIVEN based on chart below and ONLY IF YOU request invoice and request combine shipping. No adjustment will be made after you have paid.

  • POSTAL Shipping schedule images in inventorymailed same business day if paid before noon Eastern time. Items paid after noon will be mailed next business day. (Saturdayorder cut off time is 10AM there is no shipping our on Sunday)
  • IMAGES will only be mailed to your pay pall address.

Shipping table for combined shipping.

1 sheet is 15 images is .50 tracking not included 1-5 day shipping

2 sheets 15-30 images is $.79 tracking 1-5 day shipping

3-5 sheets 45-75 images is $1.29 no tracking 1-5 day shipping

6-7 sheets 90-105 images is $1.99 no tracking not tracking 1-5 day shipping

8-9 sheets 120-135 images $2.69 no tracking 1-5 day shipping

10 or more sheets is 150 images or more requires $3.79 with tracking expedited 2-3 business day shipping is included Maximum $3.79


  • THESE ARE NOT STICKERS THEY WILL NEEDADHESIVE. (I do have a sticker option please send message to me to get details.)
  • These are professionally printed on PHOTO paper and are considered a photo cut out. Images will be 300dpi JEG 1200x1800 Pixels this size provides clear concise crisp images.
  • Please remember photos all come from original sources so images with background or are grainy due to age or how original photo was taken. You will not get a crisp picture from original Disney movie like you will a 2018 Disney movie.
  • Your photos of course will not bear the watermark that is placed to protect my images from theft while listed public and show my rights to the image photo collage I have created.
  • Different images will always be bagged separately individual sheets may be bagged together.
  • Custom Imageswill add 24 hours to the shipping time if it will be beyond that you will be advised of availability when you make custom request
  • Images will be punchedwith photo paper punch perfect shape exact every time. I have listings in my store in various other sizes listed below if you have a size question message me.THESE ARE NOTCHOICES FOR THIS LISTING.
  • I currently can punch

2" circle=50mm 1" circle=25mm3/4" circle=20mm 1/2" circle=12mm 1"by 1" square

  • If you request a shape I can not punch out you will be advised and the item will be sent un cut to you..
  • Photos shownIn this listing is the photo file plus a water mark they are the exact images sent to the printer If you are not happy with the quality of the images on the screen please do not order printing will not make them change so I will not do return for this reason reprinting they will be identical.
  • Detail in image if you are looking at screen the 1" image may be appearing 2xs or 3xs larger if you want to see the size of image lower size on screen till it is about size a quarter or ruler to gauge image size on screen,
  • Colors can not be guaranteed ascomputer monitors do reflect differently
  • If you would like to alter or change the sheet you will need to message me I will provide you with a listing that for a minimal charge you are abledecide to print only certain bottle caps an repeat them, choose one photo only to repeat, when possible I will add custom wording like happy birthday where possible.
  • If listing adds custom lettering or names etc or the addition of happy birthday I will recommend color, size of font and maximum amount of letters. I will not refund for items you items you change out of those parameters.
  • Once you approve any proof of a custom item or a sheet with edited wording I will not refund the item.
  • I do not assist in digital printing of free copy. I can not help you with size
  • ****IF receiving these uncut or digital the images are not exactly 1" images have a small halo of wiggle room. I have added and this is to allow you to be slightly off center and not end up with a white halo around the image and to allow for slight printer and punch variances plus allows for ease in punching. .
  • PHOTO TIP:Images made need to have a sealant in order to not bleed with certainglues you useto affix to glassor using Diamond glaze is one I know was effective I can not be responsible for type of glue used. I further recommend each layer have time to dry before applying next.



Please do not leave Neutral or negative response or open a resolution case without contacting me. If your item is late or your not happy please message me prior to opening case resolution. explains in there store policy cases should be open after attempting to work it out with me. If you have not received item with in a few days of the delivery date you were provided please let me know. The first class stamp items .50 and .79 will not have tracking but I can call post office to be on look out for a return or damaged item etc. As I said above after 5 days late I will send you another item at my expense. Please give me the opportunity to work with you to resolve your problem. Give me the chance to resolve your issue. I will work with you to resolve your problem,quality customer service means everything to me.

Most of all thank you for your business I am not happy with this transaction until you are please leave me response it is so important that my customers see I have continuously done a great job delivering my items. Again if you are ever about to leave neutral ornegative response please contact me 1 more time cause I will make you happy with our transaction it is my highest held regard in my business. If you deal with me a second time it will be due to my customer service, fair prices and great images.

ThanksPixie Girl Penny

Nfl North Carolina Panthers You Pick 15-150 Precut Bottle Cap Images 1" Circles:

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