Nymphenburg Porcelain Huge Turkey Figurine C1920 By R.bock

Nymphenburg Porcelain Huge Turkey Figurine C1920 By R.bock

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Nymphenburg Porcelain Huge Turkey Figurine C1920 By R.bock:

DETAILS: We are listing this estate fresh gigantic Nymphenburg porcelain figurine of an American turkey with a Reserve of $995.00.

This has the hand painted name of R. Bock with a number 1920 which appears to be the date. Please see the measurements below to get a more exact idea of the size.

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MARK/SIGNATURE: On the underside is an appropriate colorless impressed shield and hand incised numbers 452 and 3.

On the top of the white base is an additional incised shield that has been stained blue.

On the back of the tail is a hand painted underglaze signature R. Bock 1920.

CONDITION: In excellent factory original new condition free from chips, cracks, damages, scratches, alterations, or repairs.

Mentioned only for the record, there are some expected very minor factory original glazing imperfections including a few scattered glaze dimples, bumps, and specs. These can only be detected under the closest scrutiny and are neither visually obvious nor distracting.

This will display as in excellent new condition!

MEASUREMENTS: This figurine is massive! The approximate maximum height is 13 ¾ inches, the maximum width is about 11 inches, and the maximum depth is around 12 7/8 inches.

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Nymphenburg Porcelain Huge Turkey Figurine C1920 By R.bock:

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