Orgone Cell Phone - Electronics Emf/radiation Mitigater

Orgone Cell Phone - Electronics Emf/radiation Mitigater

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Orgone Cell Phone - Electronics Emf/radiation Mitigater:

Mitigate and neutralize Deadly orgone, EMF, radiation, and just plain negative energies from cell phones, computer monitors, laptops, tv, radio and every electronic device you have. Use a couple of these little orgone disc on your large monitors, tv and electrical appliances. They work!!! Even keep one with you to ward off negativity and negative energies in your local proximity. These little power houses are 28mm in diameter and 9 mm in height. AS you can see they fit on a cell phone perfectly...

The composition of the ogone matrix is :
Organic materials = resin - one small coiled Lemurian quartz crystal.
Inorganic materials = copper silver Aluminum brass nickel iron and steel pieces/particles.
more pictures here : my orgone devices are made with a 50/50 ratio of non-organic and organic materials. Metal dust, metal particles and metal shavings make up the non-organic portion. Resin, crystals, quartz crystals and crystal powders make up the organic portion. Anything less than these ratios of materials is not a worthwhile orgone device and shouldn’t be named or called one. And I see a lot of devices out there with very little metal in them which is one of the two most important main components of these types of devices, even more so then the crystals. Wilhelm Reich the father of all this orgone stuff used a mixture of equal parts metals(non organic) to organic material for all his orgone accumulating devices otherwise the devices don’t do anything or work at all. So yeah I just wanted that to be clear about these devices that are being named and sold as orgone accumulators or generators. This is just your way of assurance and recognizing a properer and correctly constructed orgone device.

Learn a Few Facts about the Creator

Current personal big life goals:

Buying pieces of land throughout the Americas and creating fruit forest out of them one by one slowly but surely and allowing/giving the yields to locals or who needs for FREE!!!!

Some Facts:

- I water fast in-between 1/3 and ½ the year, that’s around 120 and 180 days a

- When I do eat it is raw fruits and vegetables

-I love to stare directly at the sun, moon. stars for long periods of time

- I go for walks across the mountain ridges, valleys and hills most every day. (Nature is my favorite place to be. Precisely on top of a mountain in peace and quiet, but you know I love all) I’m lucky enough to be able to walk up a mountain whenever I want.

- I love fire and water. Just sitting next to a fire, or bathing in a body of water

- Birth date Dec. 30

- I don’t work in a normal everyday job per-say, and probably never will just

- I grow my own garden of fruits and veggies.

- I don’t drive any kind of vehicle just because I choose not to. (My form of

- I love mastering this body I am in this time around. (To state a few examples of

what I mean: for instance, training the body/mind to live without food and at the

same time being able to eat food whenever you want. Another example: training

the mind to not be attached to anything and at the same time loving everything

Orgone energy is the primordial life energy: the fundamental creative life force long known to people in touch with nature, speculated about by natural scientists as the universal ether, employed by acupuncturists, and finally objectified and scientifically demonstrated by the work of the late Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Through years of experimentation and observation, Reich identified many of the basic properties of the orgone energy: it fills all space and is everywhere; it is mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy; it penetrates matter, it pulsates and is observable and measurable; it has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water; it is accumulated naturally in the organism by foods, water, breathing, and through the skin. Orgone energy is negatively entropic - highly charged orgone systems attract lesser-charged energy systems.

Reich discovered a way to collect or "accumulate" orgone energy from the atmosphere. He developed a special enclosure developed from his experiments with the Faraday cage, called an accumulator, that is made from layers of organic materials which absorb and hold the energy, and inorganic materials which attract and then rapidly repel orgone energy. He found that the inside of a metal-lined enclosure that is layered with organic and inorganic materials contained a higher concentration of orgone energy which was detectable by a higher temperature reading inside the accumulator.

When a person with their own energy field comes into contact with an accumulating device, the two fields make contact and excite each other, creating a stronger excitation called "lumination." Reich found this strong orgonotic charge to be very beneficial to living systems. It may help to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, and raise one's energy level. Investigations have shown that the orgone energy accumulator stimulates the body's parasympathetic nervous system, inducing relaxation and a feeling of expansion. Orgone radiation is not foreign to the body. The orgone in the atmosphere is just another form of the same orgone energy within your body. The accumulator concentrates that energy and helps the body to help itself.

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Orgone Cell Phone - Electronics Emf/radiation Mitigater:

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