Original John Wayne Guest Book Off His Yacht Wild Goose Famous Signatures 1963-

Original John Wayne Guest Book Off His Yacht Wild Goose Famous Signatures 1963-

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Original John Wayne Guest Book Off His Yacht Wild Goose Famous Signatures 1963-:

I have no problem at all with anyone purchasing my item and reselling it, however my description that I’ve worked hours on is not allowed to be copied by anyone for the above purposes. The main reason I write this is because I was contacted about a listing where someone had copied my exact sale and tried to sell a diary that they didn’t even have. It ended up being a fraudulent sale and I’m thankful they caught it in time. Thank you so much for your understanding.

“……The great, aging yacht was the actor’s proudest possession as well as a much cherished floating retreat and playground. She was the sort of ship you’d expect John Wane to own…big, rugged, comfortable, impressive. Few stars would have had the money or grit to take on such a formidable pain in the pocketbook. But to Duke, owning the Wild Goose capped a life that had been lived to the hilt. She was more than status symbol…she was an extension of himself. I helped raise Duke’s children Aissa, Ethan and Marisa aboard that wonderful old boat. Duke took me into his life and his family’s life. I was lucky and I knew it. Duke’s life and times aboard the Wild Goose, all the places he sailed in her, all the humor and drama and pleasures that took place on her decks, are known to only a handful of friends and crew members. It is largely unreported part of Duke’s life that I’ve felt for a long time should be told before there’s no one life to do so. I guess you could say this book is a combination adventure yarn and love story. The love, I unabashedly admit, is for Duke, his family and the shipmates who shared my good fortune over the years, and for the magnificent ship that made it all possible. I miss Duke and my life aboard the Wild Goose. This book and the pictures in it are a way for me to hold onto both, to keep them always with me. That is why this book is as much my personal diary as it is a record for those who want to know what it was like to sail with a man who has moved squarely into legend. It’s my life, and through the telling, a great part of Duke’s as well.”

“Wayne refused to talk with anyone about his imminent death but he symbolically acknowledged it by selling the “Wild Goose” early in June. Although the boat had been expensive over the years, he had loved it dearly, especially the memories of going out to sea with his children and cronies. He had often talked about selling it in order to get rid of the upkeep bills or to generate some badly needed cash, but he could never bring himself to do it, at least not until he was on his deathbed and realized he would never see the Goose again.”

“By summer it was time to return to full-time work. Duke had dreamed for years of sailing across the Atlantic, but his 75 foot yacht “Nor’wester” was too small for such a voyage. In 1962 he sold the Nor’wester and purchased the Wild Goose, a 135 foot converted U.S. navy minesweeper. Since Frank Capra’s “Circus World” his next film, would be shot on location in Spain, he had the perfect excuse. In September 1963 he sailed the Goose down the coast of Mexico, mooring at Acapulco for a week of fishing and relaxing. Merle Oberon hosted a party for the Waynes. They continued down the coast to Panama to visit the Arias brothers. Duke sailed the Goose through the Panama Canal and across the Caribbean to Bermuda, where he put Pilar, Aissa and John Ethan in a hotel. The Atlantic crossing was too risky. They stayed in a hotel until Duke called from the Azores, assuring them that the trip had been a success and telling them to come to Lisbon. Ralph and Marjorie Wingfield joined them on the Goose, as did Skip Hathaway, Henry’s wife” (Henry Hathaway was a film director and good friend of Wayne’s)

Temple Fielding: was a noted travel writer;

Robert M. Arnold: Seattle’s First National Bank executive, venture capitalist and philanthropist.

Edith Coogler: Women’s Editor of Atlanta Journal.

Geoffrey Wingfield: (I shared a site and some information above about the Wingfield’s and the ranch but Geoffrey’s information is so interesting:

Victorian Oliveras de la Riva: President of Real Club Deportivo Spanish.

Ernie and Myrna Saftig: Wayne’s long time production assistant and also crew on the yacht.

Jose De Franco: Wayne’s very close friend. He helped finance Jose’s company “Separation and Recovery System Inc.” Jose’s photo with Wayne standing in front of the Wild Goose is in the biography book and also the other book.

John and Mary St. John: Mary was Wayne’s long time assistant (personal secretary) right up until the day he died. Her name is all through the biography book and also a photo of Mary and John Wayne.

Jaime Arias: Journalist and Spanish Grand Prix’s press chief.

Polly McCaslin: I believe this is the wife of Lowry McCaslin of Pasadena. I found Lowry’s obituary and also found the tie in with Wayne. It looks like he went to USC and was a fraternity roommate of Wayne’s. Later he appeared as an extra in some of Wayne’s films. Was a big time California real estate developer. It said he was survived by his wife Polly.


Handwritten items such as diaries and letters are never usually in mint condition. I try and describe my items the best way I can and post as many photos as I can. If a diary is tough to read for me I always say so in the description. If it is in bad condition I also say so and I usually describe the condition at the end of my descriptions. I have never, or I should say rarely, had a handwritten piece be in mint condition and there is a very good reason for that; they are made of paper, they’ve been carried around sometimes for 100’s of years and have been opened and shut hundreds if not thousands of times. So, please keep all of this in mind when purchasing diaries and letters from me..

MY BLOG: I’ve decided, finally, to start a blog site using the diaries in my personal collection. Over the years I’ve got so many amazing people emailing me asking me to share from my own personal collection of antique diaries. I’ve been trying to develop a web site but that is taking time so I thought I’d do this first and also facebook. There is also a page on the blog where I’ve written about why I collect. You can search for the blog by putting into one of the search engines (such as Google) the name; sallysdiaries (no apostrophe and all one word).

Original John Wayne Guest Book Off His Yacht Wild Goose Famous Signatures 1963-:

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