Royal Navy: Rare Ww1 Embroidered Silk Postcard For Sale

Patriotic military embroidered silkpostcard from World War 1with the badge of theROYAL NAVY - LOVING GREETINGS.Soie, Brodee.

See my book: An Illustrated History of the Embroidered Silk Postcard (ISBN 0-9540235-0-1)for all information on embroidered silk postcards.

Rarity: Rare card

Overall condition:Excellent.A card thatshould be in every collection of military postcards.

Surface marks: Minor ageing

Condition of Back:Excellent

Written on:Yes

Image: I try very hard to get the image to match the real item, but the scanning process can lead to differences.Thewoven nature of the silk material can causeinterference patterns in the scanning process that are not on the postcard itself. Any white marks on the card or frame are reflections from the flash.

Postage and packing: UK - £1.00; Europe - £1.70; Rest of world - £2.30

Signed for delivery is available at additional cost. I cannot be held responsible for items that do not arrive in the post without recorded or special delivery.

If you purchase more than one item from me, please wait to pay. I will send an invoice with combined postage.

All cards are sent in protective plastic sleeve with cardboard stiffener.

Please have a look at the other items I have for sale.

Royal Navy: Rare Ww1 Embroidered Silk Postcard

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Royal Navy: Rare Ww1 Embroidered Silk Postcard:

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