Reduced 8' ~10x20' Walkthrough Fun House Mirror Maze Craze Haunt Halloween Prop

Reduced 8' ~10x20' Walkthrough Fun House Mirror Maze Craze Haunt Halloween Prop

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Reduced 8' ~10x20' Walkthrough Fun House Mirror Maze Craze Haunt Halloween Prop:

~ Please Contact Us For Special Shipping Details On This Item TO MOVE!!Original Price $14,999.96 Now $9,999.96For Your Consideration We Are Offering Our10x20' ~ 8' Tall ~ Walk Through LED Lit Fun HouseMirror Maze Craze Haunt Halloween PropThis is a fantastic Halloween ~ Haunt ~ Circus, Fun House PropDesignedand built by the Oak Island Productions, this maze is crazy!!!!Approximately 10 feet across by 20 feet long/deep,thisstand alone attraction was one of the first of it's kind ~This walkthrough maze is absolutely incredible and will have yourguests confused because no matter where they turnthey will see the same reflections & images in all directions ~Theprecisionmachine craftsmanship leads to the ultimate geometricreflections and a true feeling of seeing infinity in all directions ~It is acompleteattraction that will come withfloor pieces, ceiling triangles & lighting fixtures ~This has been a part of a haunted attraction in California for a few years ~It satpermanent for a few years and thenbecamea traveling,temporarymaze ~It has been painted green on the interior and is mostly black on the backside ~The last attraction it was in a totally black "clown" maze,so now that it is broken down, for storage, it is kind three different colors ~The original gray, green & black ~ Circus like :)The pics show a great many handprints, which do not showin the dark and are easily wiped down ~ Which we did eachmorning ~It comes with 10 "single-sided mirrors, 2 "double sided" mirrorsand 15 archways, 14 outdoor carpet covered floor trianglesand 14 ceiling panels with red, blue & green changing LED light inserts ~The wood back glass panels are extremely durable andwill with stand quite a bit of punishment ~One of the single sided mirrors has been cracked(only because it was mishandled when being moved) & willneed to be replaced and one of the columns hascome apart at the center and will need to be re-nailed ~The can lights need some interior springs to hold thefixtures in place and one of the base boards has come offof one of the panels and will need to be re-screwed ~The panels are extremely heavy and while it states in theOak Island description that it is easy to assemble, it takes timeand a great deal of strength and man power ~It is in pieces and is protected in a storage facility ~All of the panel/wall connectors have been removed so thatthe panels will not get damaged ~ The mirrors musttravel on their sides as not to compromise the strength of the mirrors ~All of the light fixtures were removed from the ceilingtriangles, as well, for better storage ~ Some rings may be missing :(It does need some TLC and a new coat of paint ~Any of the small MDF decor pieces, that have gone missing,are replaceable or can be easily made by modeling another ~To see more about the maze, visit the or maze is great, even in the condition it is in was extremely effectiveand patrons just wanted to keep going through it over & over again ~The opening & the exit can be placed where ever you like ~The inside can be reconfigured as you like, to a point with this size ~We absolutely loved having this prop as part of our attraction ~ This wouldbe a fantastic addition to anyHaunted Attraction,Halloween event or even a homehaunt~As all of our haunted attraction or Halloween props,This maze is being offered in AS-IS, USED, but good condition ~And again, it does need some work, but not what it would cost for a new one ~(The cost to purchase this "model" new is over $30,000.00)The mends and repairs are not expensive, just a bit time consuming a clue as to how much this weighs, but he is EXTREMELY heavy ~It is located at a storage facility that does not have a loading dock,but it is pretty easy to put on a truck with a lift gate & man power ~So there would need to be help involved in getting them into transportation ~
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Reduced 8' ~10x20' Walkthrough Fun House Mirror Maze Craze Haunt Halloween Prop:

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