Satan In Skirts Aka Guest In The House Orig Pressbook Complete R1950s Press Book

Satan In Skirts Aka Guest In The House Orig Pressbook Complete R1950s Press Book

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Satan In Skirts Aka Guest In The House Orig Pressbook Complete R1950s Press Book:

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SATAN IN SKIRTS aka GUEST IN THE HOUSE Orig Pressbook COMPLETE R1950s Press book Search

Rerelease 1950s



Dimensions: 11" x 17"



4 Pages



White pages; pressbook was never horizontally folded;bottom corners have creasing and color breaks; light edge wear with a 1/4 inch edge tear.

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Guest in the House, the 1944 John Brahm psychological melodrama ("A daring motion picture from the daring New York stage hit!"; "The boldest love story ever told!"; "From the stage play by Hagar Wilde and Dale Eunson"; "SHE will never, never never let you forget her!"; "Why does the ringing of this bell have so shattering an affect? Why does this tiny bird reveal a twisted mind? What dread secret does this white gown hide?"; "Produced by Hunt Stromberg"; about a man who takes his mentally ill fiancee to his family's ocean vacation home, and she massively disrupts the entire family) starring Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy, Aline MacMahon, Ruth Warrick, Scott McKay, Jerome Cowan, Marie McDonald, Percy Kilbride, Margaret Hamilton (best remembered for playing "The Wicked Witch" in "The Wizard of Oz"), and Connie Laird Important Added Info: Note that in 1957, Marie McDonald staged her own kidnapping leading to Astor's re-releasing this film (as "Satan in Skirts") in which she appeared (originally 7th billed!) to cash in on her tabloid status!


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Satan In Skirts Aka Guest In The House Orig Pressbook Complete R1950s Press Book:

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