Spiritual Guided Meditation Cd See Your Guardian Angels

Spiritual Guided Meditation Cd See Your Guardian Angels

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Spiritual Guided Meditation Cd See Your Guardian Angels:

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Guided Meditation Cd

See your Guardian Angels

For those of you who have strong beliefs about this sort of thing, this Guided Meditation Cd is designed to take you into a meditative state, where you will be able to visualise your Guardian angels

There are specific Angels that come to you for specific parts of your life, for example, if you have just had a child, an angel will watch over you who can help you with your parenting skills

This30minute session is guided by a soothing female voice who will take you into your meditation, and help you see the Angels that are around us all the time

Some Facts about Guardian Angels....

Guardian Angels have been spoken of for thousands of years in several religions and there are many mentions of them in both the old and new testiments of the Bible

The belief that God sends aGuardian Angelto watch every individual was common in Ancient Greek philosophy

Whilst listening to this cd, the speaker will take you on a mental journey from the physical universe and into the 'Angelic Realms', where you willfeel great peace, serenity and experience a wonderful sense of well being

The idea is, when you come out of your meditative state, you will continue to feel all of these things, along with the knowledge that Angels are watching over you and will be there for you in times of hardship - and this cd will hopefully help you feel their presence more than you have previously

All you need is a quiet. comfortablespace that you won't be interrupted in for at leasthalf an hourand a cd player

Please note! this Cd should NOT be listened to whilst driving!!

We do a wide variety of other Guided Meditation Cds,including aMeditationto meet Guardian Angels especially for children, andalotmore for lots of different needs, you can view our expanding collection by clicking HERE.

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Spiritual Guided Meditation Cd See Your Guardian Angels:

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