Singer Fully Reconditioned Vintage 301 301a Black Longbed Sewing Machine Nice

Singer Fully Reconditioned Vintage 301 301a Black Longbed Sewing Machine Nice

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Singer Fully Reconditioned Vintage 301 301a Black Longbed Sewing Machine Nice:

Here is a fully reconditioned and equally well-polished Singer Black Longbed 301 Slant Needle Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Serial Number NA 237064 produced in Anderson, SC. around 1951. I have been collecting, reconditioning and reselling Singers for about 15 years (only the 2, 3, 4 and 500 series) and as with this machine, I normally just tear it down completely and rebuild it regardless of its condition unless it’s near perfect to begin with. I pull all external mechanisms and plates off the machine, pull the motor, inspect it (clean if necessary, but that’s rarely needed-Singer motors are well-protected from oiling overspills and are built to last generations), and then spray and clean the gearing and drive mechanisms and then clean, readjust and test all stitch, width/length and tension mechanisms and replace parts as needed. This machine needed nothing but cleaning and minor adjustments along the way, although it required a very thorough cleaning. This is about as polished and shiny as this machine could possibly be considering it’s age and general physical condition. The foot pedal and electric cords are in excellent condition.

Stitches are tight, straight, and even. The 301 has a fully metal gear-driven drive assembly, and so is an incredibly strong straight-stitch sewer—capable of doing many multiple layers of jean material and heavy upholstery fabric with the proper needles attached.

For all intents and purposes, this machine is now fully reconditioned, lubed, oiled and adjusted to factory specs, and is ready for many years of sewing to come. So what the new owner will need to get is a manual and any other feet or attachments that are needed if fancier sewing is to be done.

As can be seen in the photos, the internal drive and mechanisms in this machine are now extremely clean and near factory fresh. The teardown picture is of this actual machine.

Please be advised that because I take really good pictures, this machine looks better in the pictures than in person because the lighting hides all the surface imperfections. This machine has seen a lot of normal use over the years. There is a lot of surface scratches on the bed, a lot of varnish crazing from age, several good sized nicks and several places where the normal rubbing from the fabric has taken off the decal work and paint along the edges.

Please examine the pictures closely because I tried to expose the worst surface blemishes I could find on the machine (all the cosmetic damage is mainly on the bed).

But as of now, it sews as well as any other well-reconditioned 301A would ever sew (see stitch samples).

Anyway, I consider this to be an everyday general purpose straight stitch sewer—your basic 301 workhorse of a sewer—I doubt if anyone would consider this to be anywhere near a showpiece anymore. But it is in great sewing shape again.

Included in this sale are a few extra feet that came with the machine, a few vintage bobbins, some vintage Singer screwdrivers and a seam/hem gauge that fits on the bed for sewing straight seams and hems, ect..

My only caveat to this sale is that if you are not familiar with this machine and its capabilities, think twice about offerding or else get a manual and study it first. This is a totally manually adjusted machine, no electronic sensors for fabric thickness, thread thickness or tension adjustments, and while it is recognized as a great sewer, you had better know or be willing to learn the principles of manual adjustment sewing before working with one of the older Singer 300, 400 or 500 series machines—all adjustments work together to create the perfect stitch.

Iwas also recently notified that the Singer website now has downloadable copies of the vintage sewers, but I haven't had time to reseach that yet. So if a manual is needed, please check that site out first before buying one.

Please pay attention to the weight and shipping cost of this item so you know what to expect for a total. I only ship UPS when sending machines. That's about it. Please ask questions before offerding. I back my items to be in described condition only--so if more detail is needed, or my listing seems incomplete, please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Shipping weight is based on17lbs. from zip code 53228.No materials and handling charged--I have access to used/recycled high quality shipping container/foam/bubble wrap and pack extremely well. If the calculator ends up charging the buyer for more than the actual shipping cost, I will return the over-charge to the nearest dollar.

Also, please do not ask me for a "Buy-It-Now" price--I like the sale format and always allow my listings to run to the end--if you're interested in the item, as Nancy Reagan would say, "Just offer on it!".


Singer Fully Reconditioned Vintage 301 301a Black Longbed Sewing Machine Nice:

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