So Pretty 500 Xxs Gold Tiger Eye Mini Tumbled Stone Bliss Crystal Healing Gem

So Pretty 500 Xxs Gold Tiger Eye Mini Tumbled Stone Bliss Crystal Healing Gem

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So Pretty 500 Xxs Gold Tiger Eye Mini Tumbled Stone Bliss Crystal Healing Gem:


Size, Color, History & Characteristics
You are buying1/4 pound (4 oz) ofCollector Quality, Gold Tiger's Eye Mini Crystals thatare identical to or representative of the lot pictured. This is a gorgeous, custom tumbled mixwith a brilliant, deep chatoyant gold and brown color.Be sure to appreciate them in natural light and especially in sunlight where they will flash their stripes and mesmerize you with their depth and mystery. On average there are about500 stones per quarter pound. Overall theGoldTiger's Eye energyis uplifting and motivating and linked to prosperity, abundance, success and wealth.

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Creative Ideas on How to Use Mini Crystals
These are the perfect size for medicine bags, medicine wheels and accenting larger crystals in body layouts and grids. I have also used them extensively in my Feng Shui practice to accent and enhance the beauty ofspaces and objects.Try scattering around plants, to enhance the look of candle or incense settings. They are beautiful grouped in your favorite glass dishes or art glass. On a table, put some around any natural objects to call attention to them and create beautiful energy. In crafts I have used them in mandalas, set inside clear polymer to make a design of any kind. They are great for creating custom jewelry, wire cages, wire wraps. I have posted some pictures above to give you some ideas. Remember, your imagination is the only limit! Important common sense note: don't allow young children to play with these or put them in their mouths. Could be a choking hazard.


Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I useGold Tiger's Eye primarily for stimulating vitality, motivation and metabolism. It is aligned with the sacral (2nd) chakra and can provide the "oompf" that many people need to re-ignite their sex drive, purpose and vital life forces! It balances yin/yang (female/male) energy and the hormones for both sexes. It is an excellent grounding stone and is frequently and successfully used as a prosperity stone, especially when paired with Pyrite. As the name suggests (Tiger's Eye) it is highly protective against dangers, accidents and psychic harm. This is a great stone to carry in one's car (along with Yellow Jasper). The gold version of Tiger's Eye is especially important to have during exams or important meetingsas it is tied to success at one's endeavors.

Symptom Healing
Following are some widely accepted and additional ways to use this crystal:

Physical:One of the best stones to treat lethargy, low energy, fatigue, exhaustion. It can speed up low metabolism and get things "burning" again. Very good for the eyes, night vision. Heals reproductive organs and brings sexual drive into healthy alignment. Broken bonesshould have Tiger's Eye applied directly to the area for faster healing.

Emotional/Mental: Tiger's Eye is well known to alleviate depression. It is very good for the mind in resolving internal conflicts (i.e. fighting with oneself) when pride and egotism are barriers instead of helpful traits. Any personality disorder can be brought intoproper alignment/balance with Tiger's Eye. It is strong enough to turn the tide of even the most recalcitrant person. For the emotions, it is one of the best stones to develop self esteem, self worth and a healthy ego.

Complementary Crystals
The following crystals are often used in tandem with this crystal to amplify or complement the healing process: Pyrite, Rose Quartz , Black Tourmaline, Jasper.



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So Pretty 500 Xxs Gold Tiger Eye Mini Tumbled Stone Bliss Crystal Healing Gem:

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