Unimat -- The 6-in-1 Desktop Machine - The Cooltool

Unimat -- The 6-in-1 Desktop Machine - The Cooltool

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Unimat -- The 6-in-1 Desktop Machine - The Cooltool:

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Special Off-Season Pricing !!This kit was developed by
TheCoolTool® (Austria)
specifically for model-making with wood.
The user will be delighted with the UNIMAT 1 BASIC,
as their creativity allows them to form turned workpieces and jigsaw models, entirely by hand.

Item Number 160-100

Included in the kit are the components for a jigsaw, diverse variations of wood turning machines, a hand-held sander a stationary sander, and a hand-held drilling machine. All the machines of the UNIMAT1 BASIC kit are child-friendly. Due to the short strokes of the jigsaw blade, the fingers of a young carpenter cannot be injured. At the same time, professionals are delighted by the accurate and precise cutting of the saw.
Comes with Universal Power Supply. Download Manual and see what this package includes!

What Does The Set Include?
(See Below)Ideal for schools, vocational training courses, home crafts etc.

Classic and Metal-Line Models

available via our main site.

UNIMAT Classic

Work with metal and wood too with more power on your Desktop.

UNIMAT Metal-Line

Higher end and CNC compatible, but still on your desktop!

Videos and manuals on the manufacturers site at:

www [dot] thecooltool [dot] com

The Set Includes: With the upgrading sets, the UNIMAT1 BASIC can be built-up to the complete UNIMAT1 CLASSIC.

Your next chess set will be made entirely on your own!

With the UNIMAT1 BASIC system, we have all the necessary tool machines in one construction kit.


The powerful jigsaw can be used with plywood, solid wood, balsa wood, plastics and thin sheets of soft metal. It has a cutting capacity of up to 20mm balsa, 7mm solid wood. No annoying opening and clamping of the jigsaw blade when cutting windows and holes.

Main uses: fret work in plywood, precise sawing of tarsia in veneer wood, adjusting of printed boards, and many simple household repairs.

Special use: The only child-friendly jigsaw in the world. The short strokes allow for precise cutting, but can only vibrate the skin, thus not allowing the skin to be cut by the blade! Ideal for both your intricate work and the child´s projects.

Wood Turning Lathe:

The smallest lathe in the world creates elaborate pieces of turned wood. With a distance between centers of 135mm (expandable to 324mm) and a maximum centreheight of 25mm (extendable to 50mm with option), the efficient 12V power machine works smoothly. Now the hobbyist has a lathe for those small workpieces, and youngsters from 6 years of age and up can participate in the first steps of woodworking without any danger.
Main use: scale masts, railing parts and gun barrels of historic ship models, a wide variety of turned furniture and dishes for the dollhouse, and miniature spinning wheels.

  • Variation Faceplate Turning:

  • The workpiece is clamped only on the one side using the faceplate. You can now hollow out the wood using the turning gouge. The classic example for faceplate turning is an eggcup.

  • Variation Small Woodturning Lathe:

  • Tiny sticks of wood or soft metal up to a diameter of 6mm can be secured in the countershaft using the collets. The true running of the two ball bearings allow for highly precise, miniature workings that can not be matched even by some high priced, specialty machines.


    The stationary rotating sanding disc provides the final touch to your workpieces. In addition, you can now keep all of your tools and other everyday objects well sharpened. From your scissors to carving knives, the annoyance of dull blades is finally done away with.

    Handheld Sander:

    With a simple removal of a few handles from the machine bed, you now have a practical handheld sander. This variation works very well for those hard to reach places. Finally, the spots of rust on that good old 1973 Volkswagen Beetle can be removed.

    Handheld Drill:

    Just replace the sanding disc with a drill (0.5 to 6mm), fix it with a collet, and you have the perfect tool to reach those hidden places that need drilling.

    In addition to the standard machines included in the kit,

    this UNIMAT1 modular system offers an unlimited variety of potential tool machines

    due to the wide range of available accessories.

    MADE in Railroading Fans !!!
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    Visit our main site!

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    Domestic shipping is by First Class Mail.
    Overseas shipping is by Airmail via Post Office, with No Insurance and No Tracking,
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    No claims for loss or non-delivery will be entertained unless the shipping is Priority Mail with Insurance.
    Please request an invoice.Please contact us for Handling, Packing, Shipping, Insurance etc.
    for other countries giving mode of shipment preferred. We have to know the city and country.
    Shipping can be combined with other items, except a few items such as our Conductive Paint or Long Flex Tracks, that require special handling.

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    Unimat -- The 6-in-1 Desktop Machine - The Cooltool:

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