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Unique Silver-plated 20" Rams Horn Shofar Judaica Rare For Sale

Unique Silver-plated 20

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Unique Silver-plated 20" Rams Horn Shofar Judaica Rare

This is aAmazing Silver-plated 20 " Rams Horn Shofar

Made of a natural Rams Horn. Produce a pure clear sound, It was checked for having a great sound by a special Shofars Expert and though standing in all kosher standards .Each Shofar checked before shipping.

The story behind theShofar
Thisitemis part of very special.A few weeks agoI cameto the factorythat the same , on one of theshelvesthey founda box and when they open it there whereseventrumpets ofsilver.WhenI hornsitturned outthat a long timeago thesetrumpetswhere a prototype forthe plant, butbecausethe situationat Israel that year itwas producethose hornsandthe Shofars a long time.
I took thehorns,took care of themandnowI bringthem for sale.
Etchone of themisa not on theproductionanywhere.

The shofar is mentioned frequently in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud and rabbinic literature.
The blast of a shofar emanating from the thick cloud on Mount Sinai made the Israelites tremble in awe (Exodus 19, 20).
The shofar was used in to announce holidays (Ps. lxxxi. 4), and the Jubilee year (Lev. 25. 9).
The first day of the seventh month (Tishri) is termed "a memorial of blowing" (Lev. 23. 24), or "a day of blowing" (Num. xxix. 1), the shofar.
It was also employed in processions (II Sam. 6. 15; I Chron. 15. 28), as a musical accompaniment (Ps. 98. 6; comp. ib. xlvii. 5)
and to signify the start of a war (Josh. 6. 4; Judges 3. 27; 7. 16, 20; I Sam. 8. 3). Note that the 'trumpets' described in Numbers 10 are a different instrument,
described by the Hebrew word 'trumpet' not the word for shofar.
The Torah describes the first day of the seventh month (1st of Tishri = Rosh ha-Shanah) as a zikron teruah (memorial of blowing; Lev. xxiii) and as a yom teru'ah
(day of blowing; Num. 29). This was interpreted by the Jewish sages as referring to the sounding the shofar.

About the manufacturer

The shofar are made by number one factory in Israel "Shofarot-Israel" !!!!
Only Shofarot Israel offers the skills and expertise of fifteen generations, dating back to 14th century Spain, and now adapted to the modern technology and requirements of present-day Israel and the international market.
Shofarot Israel combines the talents of two shofar-making families into truly extraordinary masterpieces – each shofar lovingly made, and imbued with the famous Bar-Sheshet “secret” of shofar manufacture.
Shofarot Israel shofars are all manufactured in Israel according to the strictest kosher supervision, producing beautiful shofars with clear tones that differ according to the customs and needs of different communities (Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Yemenite, etc.) but are always exceptionally well-crafted.

Please remember - Etch shofar is hand made from natural material so etch and every one will be a bit different in color and in length from the other !

For a wonderful feeling of uniqueness , be sure to add it to your possession .

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Unique Silver-plated 20

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Unique Silver-plated 20" Rams Horn Shofar Judaica Rare:

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