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October 23rd, 2014

October 24th, 2014
World Development Information Day

October 24th, 2014
United Nations Day

October 25th, 2014
Muharram/Islamic New Year

October 27th, 2014
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

October 29th, 2014
World Stroke Day

October 31st, 2014
Nevada Day

October 31st, 2014

November 1st, 2014
All Saints

November 1st, 2014
All Saints' Day

November 2nd, 2014
Daylight Saving Time ends

November 2nd, 2014
All Souls' Day

November 4th, 2014
Election Day

November 6th, 2014
Return Day Delaware

November 6th, 2014
World Day to Protect the Environment in War

November 10th, 2014
World Science Day

November 11th, 2014
Veterans Day

November 14th, 2014
World Diabetes Day

November 16th, 2014
World Day for Road Traffic Victims

November 16th, 2014
International Day for Tolerance

November 19th, 2014
International Men's Day

November 20th, 2014
World Philosophy Day

November 20th, 2014
Universal Children's Day

November 20th, 2014
Africa Industrialization Day

November 21st, 2014
World Television Day



Vintage Lladro Figurine " My Hungry Brood" # 5074 Retired Mint In Box For Sale

Vintage Lladro Figurine

In real life I'm an in-home counselor with sexually abused girls (thus mentalmike). I know about counseling. is my therapy.The money I make is spent on the girls for things the system deems un-necessary. I know little about most things I sell. My descriptions are always to the best of my knowledge about the item up for sale. I may not always know much about the item described.If you need to know something specific such as condition or if something ismissing, please e-mail me before you win the sale. I appreciate all accurate input as to the true nature and origin of the item listed. I will revise my listing or "END" the sale and relist to ensure accurate information is represented. I will not be responsible if I did not know, and you did not ask. VINTAGE LLADRO FIGURINE " My Hungry Brood" # 5074 RETIRED MINT IN BOX."AS FOUND" Piece appears to be in mint condition. I am providing asmuch and as accurate information as I am capable, but if you ask what you need to know,then expect to tell me how to determine the answer. Any additional information would be appreciated and added to my listing.Purchased recently at a local estate sale so I have no accurate information, so offer accordingly. If you have been waiting fora reallygreat piecefor your collection or use then this is your opportunity.Check my response. You will receive the exact item pictured. Thank you for looking and good luck offerding!After boxing, the item will weigh about3pounds and will ship from 65807. Email any questions before you offer. I find the estimator to almost always be incorrect.Because I have had lots of problems with the shipping estimator, I over estimate the shipping weight. PLEASE wait until I can invoice you after the sale has closed and Iam able topackage and weigh the item accurately. I will only charge you the exact shipping cost, but I can't figure that until after the sale closes. In the end I will refund any excess that you pay for shipping above what it actually cost me so no worries on your part.

****** If you have any problems with this listing, shipping costs, descriptions, communications, etc. please contact me so that I can correct the problem.

Vintage Lladro Figurine

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Vintage Lladro Figurine " My Hungry Brood" # 5074 Retired Mint In Box:

Brass 3
Brass 3" Tall Goose With Fake Diamonds

Lladro Figurine
Lladro Figurine "tokens Of Love"l #6351 -retired 2000 By F Polope -mib

Lladro Figurine
Lladro Figurine "innocence In Bloom" #7644 -retired 2000 By F Polope -mib

Beautiful Lladro Figurine
Beautiful Lladro Figurine "shepard Holding Lamb" #4676 - Retired 2002- Mint

Beautiful Llardo Woman Knitting  Full Back Chair Retired 1993 Mint Condition  picture
Beautiful Llardo Woman Knitting Full Back Chair Retired 1993 Mint Condition

Lladro "angel Thinking" Figure ~ Handmade In Spain

Lladro Gres, Retired, Signed picture
Lladro Gres, Retired, Signed

Lladro Nao Nativity Cow Bull Calf  picture
Lladro Nao Nativity Cow Bull Calf

Rex Valencia Spain Lladro Like Figurine X 4 picture
Rex Valencia Spain Lladro Like Figurine X 4

Lladro Figurine Gretel L5064g (no Box) 1000108 picture
Lladro Figurine Gretel L5064g (no Box) 1000108