War Of 1812, American History Topic Book, Richard Morris (first Bk Of) 1985 For Sale

THE WAR OF 1812 < by Richard B. Morris and illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher. This is the 1985 edition of his book first published by Franklin Watts as the First Book of the War of 1812. This edition is published by Lerner Publications.

The Franklin Watts First Book series is another to be sought out. They cover subjects from astronomy, to history, to baseball & just about anything else you can imagine. All are this squarish about 7 x 9" shape and about 80 pages with index. . Because of their consistent format, they make a nice shelf of books.Here there are 72 pages.

Divided into short chapters, these make an excellent academic supplement and interesting reading.

There are just a few from this series that are famous poems and speeches. Headless Horseman, Man Without a Country, Gettysburg Address, Kennedy's Inaugural, etc.

Some Chapter titles (there are 23 of them!): A Strange War, Why the War Was Important, Former Foes Become Friends, How the Napoleonic Wars Affected America, The Tiger and the Shark, Impressment, Great Bunglers Indeed, Jefferson's Embargo, Napoleon Tricks Madison, Canada the West and the War Hawks, Tippecanoe: blood Before War, War is Declared, The Wrong Fight at the Wrong Place, Detroit Falls, Disaster at Niagara, Lessons from the Disasters of 1812, Early Victories at Sea, New England Objects to the War, The British Lay Down a Blockade, Lawrence and the Chesapeake, American Victories in the North, The Battle of Lake Erie, The Battle of theThames, New Setbacks in the North, The British Mount and Offensive, Invasion from the North: The battle of Lake Champlain, The Burning of Washington, The Star-Spangled Banner, War in the South: The Victory at New Orleans, the Peacemakers at Ghent, Dawn of a New Era, indexed.

Help your youngsters dive into what I call the great ocean of knowledge. There is so much to learn. Give them good books which can make it fun. Selling duplicates from our collection.

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War Of 1812, American History Topic Book, Richard Morris (first Bk Of) 1985

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War Of 1812, American History Topic Book, Richard Morris (first Bk Of) 1985: