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Laddies and Lassies

Welcome to St. Patrick's Day on the Net

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,
and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

You don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! So come join us as we share this holiday with you. We have St. Patrick's Day History, Customs, Parades, Shamrocks, Lucky Leprechauns, coloring pictures, eGreeting cards and easy recipes to help make your St. Patrick's Day celebration a tasty one!

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Did You Know? St. Patrick's Day
Facts, Figures & Folklore about St. Patrick's Day.
When is St. Patrick's Day?
The dates for St. Patrick's Day 2009-2020
The Story of St. Patrick's Day
This spring holiday, also known as St. Patty's Day, has become associated with pots of gold, green shamrocks, dancing Leprechauns and plenty of Irish singing and beer drinking.
Who Was St. Patrick?
Who was Saint Patrick? And why was he such an inspiration to the Irish?
A Guide to St. Patrick's Day Celebrations and Customs
For more information on enjoying the Irish holiday, read this how-to guide with descriptions of activities and customs.
Eating and Drinking the Irish Way
Check out our guide to St. Patty's Day food, including hearty stews, traditional Colcannon, soda bread and green-colored desserts
The Lucky Leprechauns
Of all the symbols of St. Patrick's Day, the leprechaun is both the most light-hearted and perhaps the least understood.
The History of the Shamrock
During the Saint Patrick's Day season, shamrocks are everywhere. The unofficial state flower of Ireland is the most prolific symbol of the Irish holiday.
Irish Music
Irish music is a rich and historically significant art form, winding its way from pre-Baroque compositions to Celtic dance songs to modern day rockers like U2.
Rhyming Like an Irishman
(An Introduction to Limericks)

A limerick is a quintessentially Irish poem with five lines and strict rhyming rules.
The Art of an Irish Blessing
These wise and witty blessings are usually recited at weddings, wakes and any other occasion.
A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
Dating back to Old Europe, the legend of the pot of gold is claimed enthusiastically by the Irish.
St. Patricks Day Videos and Music
We’ve put together some video highlights featuring fun, interesting, and we hope entertaining, holiday clips to help us celebrate the holiday.
Popular Irish First Names
Popular Irish first and last names
St. Patrick's Day Blog Postings
Check out the latest articles and postings about St. Patrick's Day from our holiday blog site - Holiday Rap
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St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pictures
Holiday pictures to print and color
Holiday Recipes
Make your St. Patrick's Day celebration a tasty one with these recipes
Holiday Puzzles
St. Patrick's Day Puzzles and Mazes
St. Patrick's Day Greeting Cards
Send your friends and family FREE St. Patrick's eGreeting cards

St. Patrick's Day Holiday GiftShop
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