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Sukkot Related Videos

Here are a number of videos highlighting different aspects of the Sukkot holiday. We though they were interesting, educational and - at times - amusing. Enjoy!

Video: How to build a Sukkah

Video: LeviTV: Sukkot - Lulav 101 (Good explanation of the 4 Species)

Video: The Sukkot Shake

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Parker from Georgia, US
13:52 10/10/2011
What events happen during Sukkot and what kind of decorations,activities,songs,crafts,etc. Thanks
Epeli S Tamata
20:17 09/02/2008
I would like to make some financial contributions to your organisation and I need some assistance. It is not much however I want to obey the commandment of The God of the Jews as He has become my God too. That is to love and care for the Israelites. Please send me newsletter if any.

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