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Hanukka? Chanukah? Hanaka?
The Different Spellings of Chanukah

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the actual spelling of Chanukah. Part of the reason for this confusion may be due to the fact there is no exact English translation of the Hebrew word for Chanukah.

In fact we have received numerous emails requesting whether these different spellings might also be different holidays. So to help clear up some of the confusion we would like to present a number of the different spellings one might encounter.

  • Chanuka
  • Chanukah
  • Chanukkah
  • Channukah
  • Hanukah
  • Hannukah
  • Hanukkah
  • Hanuka
  • Hanukka
  • Hanaka
  • Haneka
  • Hanika
  • Khanukkah

While in the United States the most common spellings are "CHANUKAH" or "HANUKAH", rest assured that they are all the same celebration.

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Bill from Massachusetts, US
22:47 12/04/2010
I am neither Jewish or... but a student of all things on location. Is the particular spelling of hanukkah regionally or country based. I asked my very knowledgeable 1/2 Jewish fiancee and she didn't know. Thoughts?
ben from Philippines
08:15 12/03/2010
Happy Chanukah To everyone!
david castillo from Dominican Republic
18:08 12/01/2010
Happy Hanaka
10:58 12/01/2010
Thank you for all the spellings and the explanation. I've been wondering since I was a little girl and that is a while ago. As a Jewess and as a student of linguistics and languages I find this all very fascinating. Thank you.
Fanie Coetzee from South Africa
03:12 12/01/2010
My family & I would like to learn more about the Jewish Traditions & way of life & would appreciate any assistance in the way of information on various topics such as the different Feasts, why, how & when they are held, etc.
Alexander Huntley from Wisconsin, US
11:09 12/21/2009
Bruce from United States
09:51 12/20/2009
Merry Xnukah !!!
Al from Tennessee, US
19:12 12/14/2009
You spell it X-mas, I spell it Christmas; You spell it Hanukkah, I spell it Chanukkah; Let's call the whole thing off. (There's a song in there somewhere.)
Mike Barbato from New York, US
15:28 12/11/2009
Spell it anyway you'd like, Peace to all.
Ahkeim Subbat from Tennessee, US
14:18 12/11/2009
It all comes from the hebrew translation. Learn hebrew and you'll understand. It doesn't matter how you right it. It's how you speak it.

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