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spacerShavuot, the Feast of the Weeks, is the Jewish holiday celebrating the harvest season in Israel. Shavuot, which means "weeks", refers to the timing of the festival which is held exactly 7 weeks after Passover.
spacerShavuot also commemorates the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai.
spacerSo here for your entertainment are some fun Holiday things for you and your family. We've got stories of Shavuot and of Moses and the Israelites. We hope you find something you like!
spacerSo bring your kids and tell your friends. And please stop by again.

Shavuot is celebrated on May 26, 2012*.
*(Begins at sundown)

When is Shavuot Observed?
Here are the dates for observing Shavuot in 2009-2015.

Did You Know Shavuot?
Facts, Figures & Folklore about the Jewish Holiday of Shavuot.

The Story of Shavuot
The Story of Shavuot and the "Day of the First Fruits"

Legends and Customs of Shavuot
Celebrating Shavuot with the Legends and Customs of the Holiday

The Customs of Shavuot
Here are some of the agriculturally-based and religious customs associated with Shavuot:

Ten Commandments
Shavuot also commemorates the receiving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai

The Yahrzeit Candle / Yizkor Service
4 times a year Jews light a special candle in memory of loved ones who have died. Here is the schedule when to light the candle

G-d ! What's up??
Why is the "o" always missing when the words G-d or L-rd are written on this website?

Shavuot Blog Postings
Check out the latest articles and postings about Shavuot (and our other Jewish celebrations) from our holiday blog site - Holiday Rap

Passover ? The Story and The Traditions
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Did You Know? Sukkot (10/13)
(October 12) Tonight we?re celebrating . . .  Sukkot (Jewish)
Did You Know? Countdown to Sukkot (10/12)
Shavuot Craft Projects
To commemorate Shavuot's agricultural significance, many people decorate their homes and synagogues with flowers, children wear garlands made from wheat and fresh flowers. Here are fun crafts that will help get your whole family into the Shavuot spirit.

Shavuot Menu & Recipes
Tradition dictates that on Shavuot, we eat dairy-filled meals. Here are a host of dairy-licious suggestions for this early summer holiday, from refreshing cold soups to savory main courses and if you’re looking for Shavuot desserts, we’ve got every kind of cheesecake you could want!

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