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Easter Egg Games

Eggs play an important part in Easter sports. The Romans celebrated the Easter season by running races on an oval track and giving eggs as prizes. Two traditional Easter egg games are the Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Egg Roll.

On Easter morning the children of the house join in a search to locate the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden while they where asleep. The searching might continue though out the house with the older children helping the youngest. Sometimes prizes of candy are awaiting the child finding the most eggs.

Easter egg hunts can are also part of a community's celebration of holiday. The eggs are hidden in public places and the children of the community are invited to find the eggs.

The rules of an Easter Egg Roll are to see who can roll an egg the greatest distance or can make the roll without breaking it, usually down a grassy hillside or slope.

White House Easter Egg Roll 2009

Maybe the most famous egg rolling takes place on the White House Lawn. Hundreds of children come with baskets filled with brightly decorated eggs and roll them down the famous lawn, hoping the President of the United States is watching the fun.

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umeh from Canada
06:52 04/24/2011
I want to be a member of easther bunny
michaela from Canada
00:31 04/24/2011
Dear bunnie How did u get through my window last year I am sorry about you losing your tailplease write back
Jessica Wiley
14:13 04/22/2011
I had forgotten all about the easter egg roll the kids will luv that this yr...
somebody from Arkansas, US
10:04 04/22/2011
i hat easter
Jelly Bean
19:54 04/20/2011
hay i LUV easter cuz it's a time u get 2 eat a lot of chocolates and it's d best time cuz u get 2 go 2 d easter show!! eatser is a lovely time and v shoud always ENJOY it!!!!!!!!!!
brittany from Louisiana, US
10:30 04/20/2011
heyyy i love easter even though im way to old to easter egg hunt but i love the cute bunny wunnies
lolo from Alabama, US
12:52 04/19/2011
stupid boring
Raveiolie from Florida, US
08:43 04/19/2011
hayleigh from United Kingdom (Great Britain)
14:45 04/11/2011
hoppy easter can i have 13 easter eggs this easter please.
Taylor from Mississippi, US
10:52 03/30/2011
Hey bunny, wonderin when we getting togethher??? (:

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