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Trick or treat, Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat !!!

The history of "Trick'O'Treating" can be traced back to the early celebrations of All Soul's Day in Britain. The poor would go begging and the housewives would give them special treats called "soulcakes". This was called "going a-souling", and the "soulers" would promise to say a prayer for the dead.

Over time the custom changed and the town's children became the beggars. As they went from house to house they would be given apples, buns, and money.

During the Pioneer days of the American West, the housewives would give the children candy to keep from being tricked. The children would shout "Trick or Treat!".

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14:10 10/31/2011
Happy Halloweeeeeeennn!!!! (: Hope everyone has a safe and fun trick or treating.!!!
melndaaa from Illinois, US
13:45 10/31/2011
Happy Halloween everyone
12:21 10/31/2011
Happy Halloween!I hope your Halloween is filled with candy corn and jelly apples. I am excited that tonight I will be dressed as Magenta celebrating in the Parade. I will see RIFF RAFF, BRUCE JENNINGS, WEREWOLFEE,PUMPKIN PUSS,FANG AND DR. FRANKINFURTER on the spookiest night of the year.I hope to see my homies dressed up inSexy Rocky Horror costumes. Peace out to all my halloweenies and Ghoul friends. To answer your question Bruce Jennings no I am not going as Nickii Minaj once I found out that was your secret costume! Well Happy Halloween to all and to all a scary ,spookeee, Horror filled night and watch out for Michael Meyers , Freddie and Jason!
diamond from Illinois, US
10:57 10/31/2011
how did trick or treat sart
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10:30 10/31/2011
hello(: your site its a little bite plate,like a cravate!;o soo..travaille this please ;s
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