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Charoset - From Apples & Cinnamon
to Apricots & Cumin

Charoset is one of the traditional foods featured at the Passover seder. This fruit-based spread is intended to remind its eaters of the mortar the Jewish slaves used between their bricks. Thankfully for seder-goes, charoset just looks like mortar, but tastes delicious!

The charoset is served in a sandwich with maror (bitter herbs), between two pieces of matzah. The sting of the maror, which represents the bitterly hard labor of the Jewish slaves, is oft set by the sweet charoset.

If you are in charge of making charoset for this year's seder, check out the following recipes.

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We've included a traditional recipe based on apples, walnuts and wine; a Yemenite version with apricots and cumin; and even a California fusion charoset for all you New Age eaters!

Traditional Charoset

1 cup finely diced apples
1 cup finely chopped walnuts
1 teaspoons cinnamon
1 tablespoons sweet red wine

Combine all ingredients. You may blend all or some of the ingredients in a food process for a smoother version. For a chunkier charoset, chop manually. Cover tightly and refrigerate for several hours before serving.

For the Yemenite Charoset and California Charoset recipes visit our Holiday recipe site - Holiday Eats for additional tasty Passover recipes

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linda friedman from Massachusetts, US
13:19 02/27/2011
Please send me the recipe for Ethiopian charoset. Thank you!
Fred Scheiman
12:03 03/21/2010
This is a recipe without the honey or additional sugar. I tend to prefer it this way. Hugs, Gloria
Gertrude Klaus from New Jersey, US
16:10 03/22/2009
May I freeze charoses? Thank you

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