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Passover Goodies

Downloads to help you enjoy your celebration at home. Files have been compressed as a Zip file for the PC or as a Sit file for the Mac

Passover Haggadah
by Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace
Text files available for PC and Mac
PC (zip)  MAC (sit)

Passover Haggadah
The Red Sea Haggadah
by Laurance Wieder (Wiseacre Books)
Text files available for PC and Mac
PC (zip)  MAC (sit)

Answers to Common Questions about Passover
by the Orthodox Union (Modified for Passover 1997
Text files available for PC and Mac
PC (zip)  MAC (sit)

The Words to Popular Passover Songs
Includes Words to these Songs:
Adir Hu (G-d of Light)
Chad Gadyo
Eiliyahu Hanaui
Let My People Go
Seder Nacht
Tayere Malke

Text files available for PC and Mac
PC (zip)  MAC (sit)

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