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Kosher for Passover

During the eight-day Jewish holiday of Passover, the consumption of leavened bread and other fermented grain products - known as chametz - is forbidden. The term "kosher for Passover" thus refers to those foods that do not contain chametz, and are therefore permissible during the eight-day holiday of freedom.

At the grocery store, check for prepackaged foods that bear a special kosher for Passover label indicating that the item ha been rabinically certified. As a rough guide, most carbs are off-limits, including cereal, pasta, pastries and, of course, bread.

What about rice and beans?

For Ashkenazic Jews from an Eastern European background, rice, corn, beans and other legumes - referred to as kitniyot - are also prohibited foods during Passover. The options for what to eat in place of pasta and cereal suddenly become even smaller. However, a number of companies do sell Kosher for Passover substitutes for these staple foods, which use either potato or matza flour. Likewise, desert recipes incorporate matza meal - or you can always make a flourless chocolate cake!

On the other hand, Sephardic Jews descended from the 14th century Spanish Jewish community, where eating kitniyot was permissible on Passover. Today, those Jews - who over the centuries were dispersed to Persia, North Africa and the Middle East - enjoy rice, lentils, corn and beans on Passover. If you have both Ashkenazic and Sephardic guests at your seder, the kitniyot dichotomy can make for confusing menu planning!

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Jackie from California, US
18:03 04/09/2011
Sorry, Mike and Rob, No pasta, no tortillas. Manischewitz (no product endorsement intended) does make a passover noodle out of matzah, but the texture is not the same as a regular noodle.
08:35 03/31/2011
is there any kind of pasta we can use for passover
MARIA YOUNG from Pennsylvania, US
10:59 03/31/2010
i would like to know the specific dietary restrictions for passover and what my daily regiment should be for all 8 days i would appreciate any information that you could e-mail me shalom
Deborah from Washington, US
18:17 03/28/2010
I have a dish I want to make for the Sedar but, it contains raisins. Are raisins kosher for Passover? Thank you.
hal Freed from Maryland, US
10:16 03/26/2010
How long has Passover been practiced? How long has the haggadah been in place and followed as the order of the seder? thank you.
Friederike from California, US
02:47 03/24/2010
Passover 8 days?: Exodus 12:18 says to eat unleavend bread from the 14th to the 20th day of that month.
Linda from Wisconsin, US
12:00 03/10/2010
Thank You for this site, every year when Passover comes around I am always looking for new ideas. Thank you.
Christy from Texas, US
21:02 03/03/2010
I am like linda and am a christian and my family too honor the passover and am looking for some good food to serve for the passover.
monique clarine from Illinois, US
17:02 04/12/2009
Why does Passover last 8 days ? Is there a biblical reference ?
Rob from Maryland, US
11:15 04/09/2009
Are tortillas allowed?

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