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32"x16" Dog Breath By Tom Everhart Peanuts Charlie Brown Canvas For Sale


Welcome To ArtToCanvas, a Genuine and Authentic Canvas Transfer Fabricant since 1990.
For a Vast Selection Of Affordable Large and Oversize Canvases, Please Feel Free To Visit Our store ArtToCanvas.

A Canvas Transfer is the Next Best Result to the Original and Establishes a Great Value to Your Published Art. The Term Canvas Transfer is sacred within the art industry and should NOT be used loosely. Please be aware of sellers creating imitations and passing them as a Canvas Transfer. We wish you don't obtain anything unfairly inferior if believing you are receiving a Canvas Transfer. Let us accommodate you with our expertise. Every Home and Office Deserves Beautiful ArtToCanvas on Their Walls.To transfer famous published prints to canvas is a very long and meticulous process, but the end result really speaks for itself. We lift solely the very thin inked pigments from the print while removing 95% of the paper backing by power washing and image gets Heat Sealed becoming embedded permanently and capturing the flexible Canvas Texture. During the process we also Heat Seal an invisible UV protective film that allows wiping and even windexing of front canvas. We stretch-mount all our canvases using solid wood. We back staple for uniform and smoother side finishes which side stapling does not provide. With certain finishes we cover our edges with expensive dull matte black canvas textured wraps. All these time consuming differences are not compromised which we know you will appreciate. Don't let our low cost fool you for our quality is truly unsurpassed. Other sellers just like large retail outlets sell just glued down prints to canvas and protecting the print with either varnish, a spray can, roller passed acrylic lacquer or a simulated canvas-like glossy laminate finish which are huge shortcuts in order to get them to a certain low price point and there is no comparison. Our Mission is simply to offer Quality, Service and Price, nothing less for every canvassed art we send out to online purchasers, joining the quality we give to Galleries, high-end Furniture Outlets, Artshops, Print Publishers and Grand Hotels. True Embedded Canvassed Arts will last forever and can be ironed just like clothes. Your Customized Choice of 6 Side Edge Finishes proves that each and every canvas is Absolutely BRAND NEW. Avoid imitations and receive a Published Art Print Truly and Genuinely Canvas Transferred. Accept nothing less than the Real McCoy.

DOG BREATH BY TOM EVERHART MEASURES 32W" x 16H" and is a Fully Assembled STRETCH MOUNTED CANVAS which is ready to hang right out of the box.

Each Elegant Genuine Canvas Transfer is BRAND NEW, Custom Side Finished, Back Stapled and Packaged Immediately with Minimal Handling and is Considered as PERFECT as a Canvas can be, and is NOT a Shelf Product so please allow 7 to 10 working days for production. Slight shrinkage occurs with all edges.
Participate and Select Any One of Six Side Finishing Edges Available at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
Edge #1: 3/4 inch mat black canvas sides (Regular Wrap) Also suited for framing
Edge #2: 1-1/4 inch mat black canvas sides (Gallery Box Wrap) Most popular
Edge #3: 3/4 inch image sides (Regular Image Wrap) Thinner image wrap
Edge #4: 1-1/4 inch image sides (Gallery Box Image Wrap) Thicker image wrap
Edge #5: 3/4 inch image on both Left and Right sides and 3/4 inch mat black at Top & Bottom (Semi-Regular Image Wrap) Retains height
Edge #6: 1-1/4 inch image on both Left and Right sides and 1-1/4 inch mat black at Top & Bottom (Semi-Gallery Box Image Wrap) Retains heightThe Mat Black Edge #1 is recommended for eventual custom wood framing either with us (see Frames section) or at your local artshop
Mat Black Edges #1 & #2, Retains Frontal Image Size.
Image Edge #3, Frontal size reduces down 3/4 inch all around and is placed unto the 4 sides.
Image Edge #4, Frontal size reduces down 1-1/4 inch all around and is placed unto the 4 sides
Semi-Image Edges #5, & #6, is a compromise having an Image Edge on each of the Left and Right sides and the hardly seen Top and Bottom are black edged. (giving you image wrap sides while retaining the full height)The expensive Mat/Dull/Satin Textured Canvassed Black Edge seems more like a darker gray since it has no shine. It is Black thru and thru. It is Guaranteed never to lift even slightly. It is not the glossy lumpy black that you may of seen with many canvasses which lifts and white shows from underneath. In our many years of research, the subtle dull black draws your eye toward the art whereas white sides dirties quickly and keeps luring your eye toward the edge.Unlike Prints, Canvases NEED NOT be Framed. Best of all, Canvases Mount Flush against the wall just by leaning the top stretcher bar against 2 small nails or screws as far apart as possible and perfectly aligned. No Wires Are Needed at all.GREAT PAINTINGS BY FAMOUS ARTISTS ARE REALLY MEANT TO BE ON CANVAS, NOT JUST PAPER BEHIND A PLEXIGLASS.As beautiful as our Canvas Transfers are, and as near in appearance to the original artwork as they can be, you always have the option of making the resemblance even more stunning. Bring your canvas to life with our BRUSHSTROKES effect. It will require the Purchase of the Optional Brushstrokes application (See Brushstrokes sales 260310070318 or 250318265081 for results). Although our Transfer process faithfully recreates the visual look and feel of art to canvas, we can still increase the similarity to the original artwork. For a small fee, we can turn an already beautiful canvas transfer into an amazing and stunning original looking art! After the art has been transferred to canvas, Brushstrokes may be carefully applied to the canvas, adding buildup and more texture while replicating carefully the contours and style of the original painting. Our team of Incredible artists can spend hours during a 2-3 day process on each art creating absolutely stunning results. Ask for it after Purchase.

For an AMAZING SELECTION of Stunning Solid WOOD FRAMES visit our FRAMES Section in our ArtToCanvas Store Listing. We have some beautiful Solid Wood Frames (Not synthetics or plastics) that we don't charge extra S&H fees. Most of our carefully selected Wood Frames have what's called 'Deep Rabbets' that can accommodate the 3/4 deep canvases. Almost 95% of frames that artshops carry have the 1/4" 'Rabbets' that are normally good for prints only. 'Deep Rabbets' solid wood frames are a little more expensive since they are harder to find.To better serve our online clients, with most canvassed art orders, because we keep several thousand prints in inventory, production starts immediately. Each Canvas starts with a certified published gallery quality reproduction printed on high quality paper. To recreate the look, feel and texture of the original painting, we use a special long process that lifts up only the top inked pigments directly from the paper as a very thin film eliminating 95% of the paper backing. Eventually, the slim inked image is Heat Sealed onto a Highest Quality Cotton Canvas where it takes on the Awesome Texture of the Canvas Material. Heat Sealing makes the bond permanent. Completed Canvases are stretch-mounted over a solid front beveled edge wooden base frame (either 3/4" or 1-1/4" deep) in a Regular or Image Wrap style. 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" side depths are also available upon request. The UV Protected non-reflective nature of the finished Canvases allows them to be hung on the wall under any lighting conditions. Dusting, damp cloth wiping and even windexing will not damage the image at all. A Genuine Canvas Transfer will retain its value, integrity and vibrant colors for generations and is considered to be an investment.We proudly created our innovative 6 Side Finishes Available for all arts (See Illustration). All of the Art Prints we offer are sourced from Publishers within Canada, United States and Europe. Don't Hesitate to Contact us for Prints You Wish to Obtain on Canvas or if you have already Purchased Prints and wish to Canvas them.Please appreciate that each Custom Edged Canvassed Art is BRAND NEW and personally handcrafted only after it has been sold in our Premises and Immediately Packed for Maximum Protection. Therefore, please allow up to 10 working days of production time and up to 5 working days for Standard Ground Delivery. Most Canvassed Art Packages Reach their New Home well within 3 weeks. The S&H fee includes Full Insurance and a Signature may be Required depending on the safety of your location. You may notice an 'ArtToCanvas' watermark on the initial image art. This is not part of the final Canvassed Art. It has been suggested to us by management to protect our time and efforts that went into scanning, color adjusting and enhancing the images. Therefore, avoiding being downloaded by other vendors who do not take their own time and efforts to build their own visuals.PLEASE PROVIDE UPON PAYPAL PAYMENT: 1 of 6 SIDE FINISH OPTIONS (No Extra Charge) along with a Telephone Number for Delivery Purposes in the Paypal Note Box. After Payment, Every Order Will Receive a Personalized Confirmation email stating Selected Side Finish/Address/Tel.No./Arrival Date. A Tracking Number will be provided once Custom-Made Canvas is Completed and Boxed. Each POLYFOAMED Protected Canvas is packed within Extremely Hi-Resistant Hi-Fiber 1/4" DOUBLEWALL BOARDS for Safe Delivery each and every time. In great appreciation, each and every one of our wonderful clients will receive several beautiful 'FREEBIES' with every Delivery Order in Gratitude compliments of ArtToCanvas. NO APPLICABLE TAXES for United States Residents. APPLICABLE TAXES for Canadian Residents.
There are NO border, custom or state fees Guaranteed. We accept Paypal or MasterCard and Visa credit card payments from 8.30am to 6.30pm EST during weekday hours.We Answer ALL Our 'Ask Seller a Question' and Confirm Every Order 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a Week. For Any Other Inquiries and Information: Use 'Contact Seller' or 1-877-282-2007.
We at ARTTOCANVAS Thank You for Considering Us for Your Canvas Purchase.


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32"x16" Dog Breath By Tom Everhart Peanuts Charlie Brown Canvas:

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