4128 Kodachrome, Ontario Northland Onr Fp7 #1509, Montieth, On Northlander

4128 Kodachrome, Ontario Northland Onr Fp7 #1509, Montieth, On  Northlander

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4128 Kodachrome, Ontario Northland Onr Fp7 #1509, Montieth, On Northlander:

Up for offer is an Original 35mm color slide. The digital image that appears on the listing is a low resolution scan that will have a watermark to protect against unauthorized copying of the image. The watermark is not on the original slide. Unless otherwise specified, the image is sharp and properly exposed. The specific data on this particular item is listed below:

Original Kodachrome slide, Processed by Kodak

Photographer: Bram Bailey

Railway: Ontario Northland (ONR)

Location: Crossing the Driftwood River at Montieth, ON (It is a hot day, they have an air hose stuck in the nose door to circulate air)

Date: May 1992

Lighting conditions: Bright Sun

Exposure: Right on

By offerding you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Please read these Terms and Conditions before placing a offer.


With any slide taken by myself (Bram Bailey or T. B. Bailey) the sale conveys permission to publish this image provided proper credit is given. The above right is not exclusive to the buyer as I may retain a digital image for use in publications of my choice. The terms "publish" and "publications" refer to both print and digital media. Any image credited to another photographer is sold for private use only.

Standard Shipping Information:

I am offering FREE shipping within the USA. Canadian, Australian, and UK Shipping will be $1.15 for up to 4 slides. What this consists of is each slide protected in an individual coin envelope. The mailing envelope will have a cardboard stiffener for additional protection. This is mailed first class in a letter size envelope from the Greater Cleveland, OH area. You will be notified when the item ships. My responsibility for the shipment ends when the envelope is turned over to the USPS. I try to ship promptly, but I do have a life outside . I typically list items on Friday or Saturday, Invoices are sent out on Saturday or Sunday and I ship on Wednesday for all items paid up at that time. If your payment is received later than Wednesday noon (Eastern Time), the shipment will take place the next Wednesday.

Combined Shipping:

If you are buying multiple slides from addresses outside the USA, please wait for me to invoice you before making payment. I will correct the invoice to reflect my policy of up to 4 slides shipped first class for $1.15 (US). If you are purchasing slides to be shipped to a US address, shipping is free and I will combine up to 4 slides in a single envelope for shipping. You need not wait for an invoice to make payment.

Tracking & Insurance:

My offer of free shipping is via first class mail, see details above. No tracking or insurance is provided with free shipping. If you want tracking and insurance you will need to request an invoice before payment. Please specify Priority Mail and/or Insurance and this will be included in the final invoice. This service typically costs $7.65 and consists of a Priority Mail 2-Day, Flat Rate Envelope. I will combine up to 4 week's worth of slides in this service. This must be arranged for concurrent with the first sale win, otherwise standard shipping will apply.

Payment information:

Payment is expected within 10 days of the conclusion of the sale. Failure to do so will result in the sale being reported for non-payment on the 11th day. On the 14th day, the slide will be relisted unless special arrangements were made. Payment is accepted via PayPal.


I will leave positive response for all completed sales, but that is not a high priority. I am much more focused on getting out shipments and listing new items for sale. I will get to it eventually, but sending me reminder e-mails will only serve to put your response on the bottom of the stack. Your positive response will be appreciated, and I promise you that I will not waste bandwidth or your valuable time reminding you to do that.


Returns are accepted only for slides not accurately listed. If that is the case I will refund the return postage as well as the purchase price. The returned slide must be received in the same condition as it was when it shipped. Most slides have dust particles on them and some have scratches from the automated processing equipment. There is no warranty against this sort of defect and returns are not accepted in these instances.


The image shown is slightly cropped to avoid the round corners typical of Kodak slide mounts.


If you have any issues with this transaction, please contact me via e-mail through before leaving negative response.

Pricing Policy:

I price each slide at what I perceive to be market value. allows me to list any given slide eight times. If the slide goes unsold, I typically reduce the starting price by an increment of $0.50 each week. If a slide gets down to $3.50, the reductions stop at that point. Before I list a slide I make a high resolution digital copy for myself and a low resolution copy to be posted on and elsewhere.

The following are the economics of selling a slide on :

First Class Postage = $0.55 + Coin Envelope = $0.07+ Mailing Envelope = $0.09 + Tape and packing = $0.05 + listing Fees $0.30 x 3 = $0.90 + Final Value Fee = $0.30 + PayPal Fee = $0.39

My total cost to sell a single slide = $2.35

Due to the costs listed above, the minimum I am willing to sell any slide for is $3.50. When you consider that I put in about 20 minutes per slide scanning and listing it, I am making about $3.45 per hour doing this. Frankly, I am not willing to do it for less. Since I have made digital copies for myself, any slide that goes unsold will be disposed of.

4128 Kodachrome, Ontario Northland Onr Fp7 #1509, Montieth, On Northlander:

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