Antique Vintage Art Deco Blue Enamel Chased Geometric Makeup Compact Chain Purse

Antique Vintage Art Deco Blue Enamel Chased Geometric Makeup Compact Chain Purse

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Antique Vintage Art Deco Blue Enamel Chased Geometric Makeup Compact Chain Purse:

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Item Description by: Cait P.
The Piece
Age Circa: Art Deco C. 1920 -1940
Markings: Winner EAM pierced by an arrow on the inside of the compact, Tested, and Guaranteed
Country of Origin: United States
Brand: Elgin American Manufacturing Co.
Gram Weight: 65.4 Grams
Metal Type: Base Metal
Material: Enamel
Main Stone: --
Main Stone Measurements/Color: --
Accent Stone: --
Accent Stone Measurements/Color: --
Stone Treatment: --
Stone Cuts: --
Item Measurements: The makeup compact measures 2.05" in length excluding the chain and 2.6" wide. The chain measures 9.5" long.
Collectible Type: Makeup Compact
Men's or Women's: Unisex
Notable Features:
  • Handmade during the Art Deco era by Elgin American Manufacturing Co.
  • The purse is made out of base metal painted by hand with bright blue enamel geometric patterns
  • The back of the makeup compact is chased with classic, Art Deco style straight lines
  • The inside of the compact has two settings for powdered makeup, one larger than the other
  • A fancy link chain is attached to the makeup compact so it can be carried as a purse
Damage: Age appropriate wear. Some of the original, powdered makeup is still inside one of the settings; however, it can easily be washed out using a mild soap and warm water. The price has been reduced to reflect this.
*This listing is for the item only. All display boxes and/or photography props do not come with your purchase.*The History
TheArt Deco era is famous for being the "Gatsby" or "Roaring Twenties" era. A lot of gorgeous and timeless designs in jewelry came out of this period. Jewelry from this period was most often crafted between 1920 and 1940. Art Deco jewelry sometimes featured white gold or platinum, geometric designs, European cut diamonds, filigree, and calibre cut stones that are specially cut to fit the design of the piece. During the Art Deco period jewelers often made jewelry upon custom order, this would usually take weeks to months to completely craft by hand.
Enameling originally dates all the way back to the ancient Persians of Meenakari. The technique involves bonding powdered glass to a base, usually gold, by firing (heating and melting the glass onto the metal). The glass hardens to form a layer of pigment over the metal. Enamel is made of colored powdered glass or may include clear powdered glass that is mixed with colorful metallic pigments. It was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Celts; and later the Chinese and Georgians. It resurged in popularity in the 20th century. It is primarily used on decorative art or jewelry, usually small in size. Besides jewelry, enamel can also be applied to glass, ceramic, stone, and various other materials.
Chasing is a metalworking technique that uses a nail-like tool and hammer to hand etch patterns onto a metal surface. This process creates a design that is sunk into the front of the surface using indentations, grooves, and channels. Chasing is thousands of years old and was a very difficult and time-consuming technique that is still used by metalsmiths today.

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