Antique Vintage Deco Retro 14k Gold Filled Expandable Purse Chatelaine Pendant

Antique Vintage Deco Retro 14k Gold Filled Expandable Purse Chatelaine Pendant

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Antique Vintage Deco Retro 14k Gold Filled Expandable Purse Chatelaine Pendant:

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Item Description by: Cait P.
The Piece
Age Circa: Retro C. 1940 - 1950
Markings: Germany US Zone on the outside of the expandable links, Tested, and Guaranteed
Country of Origin: Occupied Germany
Brand: Unknown
Gram Weight: 62.0 Grams
Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold Filled over Base Metal
Material: --
Main Stone: --
Main Stone Measurements/Color: --
Accent Stone: --
Accent Stone Measurements/Color: --
Stone Treatment: --
Stone Cuts: --
Item Measurements: The coin purse measures 4.1" in length and expands from 0.80" to 2.4" wide.
Collectible Type: Chatelaine Pendant Coin Purse
Men's or Women's: Unisex
Notable Features:
  • Handmade during the Retro period of the Art Deco era in the US zone of occupied Germany
  • The unique design of this purse allows it to expand outward to 2.4" wide
  • The purse is made of 14k yellow gold mesh links
  • The top of the purse features Rococo style chased designs
  • The purse has a bale which suggests it would have been worn on a chatelaine, a type of belt worn by women during this time period
Damage: Age appropriate wear.
*This listing is for the item only. All display boxes and/or photography props do not come with your purchase.*The History
The Art Deco era is famous for being the "Gatsby" or "Roaring Twenties" era. A lot of gorgeous and timeless designs in jewelry came out of this period. Jewelry from this period was most often crafted between 1920 and 1940. Art Deco jewelry sometimes featured white gold or platinum, geometric designs, European cut diamonds, filigree, and calibre cut stones that are specially cut to fit the design of the piece. During the Art Deco period jewelers often made jewelry upon custom order, this would usually take weeks to months to completely craft by hand.
Retro jewelry was produced during the 1940s and 1950s and was representative of the bold and changing world that emerged from the Second World War. Retro jewelry is not only illustrative of the energetic and modernizing styles of the 40s and 50s, but it incorporated the elegance and luxury of jewelry styles past. Retro jewelry can frequently be found composed of bright gold, gold alloys, and silver as the wartime put a restriction on the use of platinum. These designs are vibrant and beautiful and are a gorgeous example of the style of the rapidly evolving world.
The late Baroque or Rococo period prevailed in the 18th century. The period was known for its substantial use of asymmetrical designs, curves, gold, and witty, whimsical themes. Both men and women at court wore sparkling gemstones set in gold during this period, as well as colorless glass pastes and pearls. Colored gems were often highly foiled behind them to enhance the depth of color. Jewelry was often created with naturalistic, floral designs. Rococo jewelry also featured embossed and engraved floral and feather designs on metal.
A chatelaine is a belt hook worn at the waist with dangling chains to which practical and decorative items were attached. Chatelaines have a long history dating back to the Roman Empire and were typically worn by women as a way to carry useful items such as small notebooks, keys, watches, and many other objects of the wearer's choosing. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, it became fashionable for women to attach decorative, eye-catching items that didn't necessarily have a practical use to express their own sense of style.
Chasing is a metalworking technique that uses a nail-like tool and hammer to hand etch patterns onto a metal surface. This process creates a design that is sunk into the front of the surface using indentations, grooves, and channels. Chasing is thousands of years old and was a very difficult and time-consuming technique that is still used by metalsmiths today.

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