Egyptian Black Cat Bast Bastet Trinket Jewelry Box

Egyptian Black Cat Bast Bastet Trinket Jewelry Box

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Egyptian Black Cat Bast Bastet Trinket Jewelry Box:

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This pretty trinket box is just the right size to hold all your favorite pieces of jewelry or that small keepsake that means so much. Designed in polyresin,this piece hasgolden borders and Egyptian designs on a matte black backgroud. The top of this box is adorned with a 3 dimensional 2-1/2 inch statue of Bast or Bastet. This box measures 3-1/2 inches long by 2-1/4 inches wide by 4-1/2 inches tall ( to the tip of Bast' ear). The box is lined inside (both bottom and top) as wellas on the bottom with a soft velvet-like no scratch fabric to protect your furniture and keepsakes.Please click on each picture to supersize it so you may really see this handsome piece.7733


Bastet (also known as Bast) was the cat goddess, whose cult centered in Bubastis in the region of the Nile delta. It's small wonder so many dancers are drawn to name their studios after Bastet or acquire artwork featuring her--she was the goddess of joy, music, and dancing! Rituals honoring Bastet included light-hearted barge processions and orgiastic ceremonies. She also protected humans against contagious diseases and evil spirits. Her cult can be traced back to about 3200 BC, and she became a national deity when Bubastis became the capital of Egypt in about 950 BC.

One legend said Bastet accompanied the sun god Ra's boat of a million years on its daily journey through the sky, and at night she fought Ra's enemy, the serpent Apep. In art, Bastet is depicted as either a cat-headed woman carrying a sistrum and basket, or as a whole cat. Often, in either form, there are kittens at her feet.

This piece is brand new, in the box and I hope you enjoyit as much as I have enjoyed looking atit and doing a little bit of research.

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Egyptian Black Cat Bast Bastet Trinket Jewelry Box:

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