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Christmas Day

December 26th, 2014



Forrest Guth And The Band Of Brothers Of Easy Company At Ste Marie-du-mont For Sale

Forrest Guth And The Band Of Brothers Of Easy Company At Ste Marie-du-mont

Easy Company paratrooper Forrest Guth knew he would witness history when he jumped into France on D-Day, so he carried a camera borrowed from his boyhood friend and fellow paratrooper, Roderick Strohl. On June 7, 1944, D+1, Forrest and his comrades entered Sainte-Marie-du-Mont while searching for Easy Company. Forrest thought the town’s WWI memorial would make a good backdrop. His comrade, Walter Gordon, agreed to snap a photo and Forrest let several 4th ID soldiers, fresh from Utah Beach, join them for a picture the world would one day treasure.


Only 101 prints, numbered,
signed by four veterans:

Clancy Lyall - Easy Company
Don Malarkey - Easy Company
Roderick Strohl - Easy Company
Jack Blickenderfer - 4th Infantry Division

8" x 10" of the famous Forrest Guth photo!
Certificate of Authenticity

Print Size: 20.25" x 15.25"

* screen colors may vary from print colors

Retail: $145



Clancy Lyall jumped on D-Day and fought in the Battle of Carentan where he was bayoneted. He would fight in Market Garden, the siege of Bastogne, and would finish the war with Easy Company in Kaprun. Clancy remained in the military, made two combat jumps in Korea, and later served as an advisor to the French at Dien Bien Phu, escaping before that garrison fell. He retired as a Master Sergeant.


An original "Toccoa Man" of Easy Company, Don Malarkey jumped on D-Day and landed near Ste. Mere Eglise. Later that day, he received the Bronze Star for his heroism in a pitched battle to knock out four German 105 mm artillery battery, an action now called the Brécourt Manor Assault. Promoted to sergeant, Malarkey fought in Market Garden, and Bastogne. He ended the war with E-Company in Kaprun. Today, he is the author of "Easy Company Soldier."


Rod Strohl enlisted in the Army with his boyhood friend Forrest Guth. An original "Toccoa Man" of Easy Company, Rod fought in D-Day where his friend Forrest carried his camera, resulting in the famous June 7th Ste. Marie Du Mont group photo. Rod would also fight in Market Garden, Bastogne, and ended the war with Easy Company in Kaprun.


Jack Blickenderfer entered France via Utah Beach on July 9, 1944 where he joined up with the 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, as a replacement. Fighting side-by-side with his brother Dale, Jack served as a rifleman throughout all five campaigns with the 4th Division. Jack returned home following VE Day and was discharged in October 1945.


Gil Cohen is an “old master” among the world’s military and aviation artists. Gil’s passion for military history began as a youngster, during the Second World War when Gil would study the military aircraft that flew over the Philadelphia area where he was born and raised.

Gil originally studied under renowned illustrator and author, Henry C. Pitz and World War II combat artist, Albert Gold and graduated from the Philadelphia Museum School of Art in 1953. Prior to beginning his professional art career, Gil spent two years in the army. During that time, he was stationed outside of Frankfurt, West Germany as an artist with the 513th Military Intelligence Group, US Army Europe, during the height of the Cold War.

After his military service, Gil built a career as a freelance illustrator and painter of historical subjects. Clients during this 50 year span of time have included: The National Park Service, Paramount Pictures, Bantam books, Harlequin Books, Random House, The U.S. Coast Guard, The National Guard, and Boeing & Sikorsky Aircraft Companies.

Years later he would produce a stunning series of paintings depicting scenes of Eighth Air Force activities during World War II. A one-man show of this work was exhibited at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum in Savannah, Georgia and his paintings have since been exhibited at The National Parks Civil War battlefields, The Royal Air Force Museum in London, and The U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton.

Gil has served as Vice-President of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA) and is the recipient of the “Best of the Best” award sponsored by Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine. The US Air Force and National Guard have flown Gil to such places as war-torn Bosnia, Somalia, Central Asia and Israel to do paintings of American servicemen and women in action. Now, through Valor Studios, Gil continues his tradition of excellence, honoring those who serve through the brushstrokes of an “old master.”


Autographed art and collectibles from Valor Studios are created with the full cooperation of the veteran signers who are compensated fairly for signing each item.

Many veteran signed items on contain signatures that are deceitfully obtained. The people who do this send items to the veterans, promise that the signatures are for their personal collection, only to turn around and sell them on .

As the veterans have caught on to this practice and increasingly refuse to sign such items, we have seen more and more forgeries appear on , especially Dick Winters signed items.

Know that when buying from Valor Studios, you are purchasing an authentic hand signed collectible crafted by a company that has become the industry leader for signed military history products.


We have published prints with John D. Shaw, Gil Cohen, William S. Phillips, Dan Zoernig, Ron Stark, and have sold countless prints from Robert Taylor, Robert Bailey, Nicolas Trudgian, and James Dietz! For other, stunning military artwork, just ask!

Forrest Guth And The Band Of Brothers Of Easy Company At Ste Marie-du-mont

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Forrest Guth And The Band Of Brothers Of Easy Company At Ste Marie-du-mont:

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