Golden Apatite Crystal And Citrine Handmade Sterling Silver Chakra Reiki Pendant

Golden Apatite Crystal And Citrine Handmade Sterling Silver Chakra Reiki Pendant

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Golden Apatite Crystal And Citrine Handmade Sterling Silver Chakra Reiki Pendant:

Golden Apatite Crystal (rainbow shimmer) with

Citrine Cabochon

Solid 925 Sterling Silver

Wire Wrapped Art

Solar Plexus Chakra, Creative Chakra, Root Chakra

Reiki Healing


Made in the USA


There is a rainbow shimmer on the side of the Apatite crystal.There is a small patch of rainbow shimmer in this pendant. Rainbow inclusions in ANY stone are believed to be master depression fighters - and encourage shy people to peek out and join the rest of the world. Any stone with a Rainbow in it is a master at emotional healing, and is a Rescue Stone.

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The Golden Apatite crystal in this pendant is a rough crystal. It is not pristine, however, it grew this way in Nature. It has not been machine-faceted.

Metaphysical properties of Golden Apatite:

Golden Apatite is for people who finally want to take a big step, and want to develop assertiveness, confidence, and maybe even enhance their charisma. Apatite is for consciously applying insight and powers of manifestation. Apatite is for stimulating the intellect, clearing mental confusion, and for expansion of knowledge. Apatite can help with competitive situations. Apatite has been used to enhance creativity. Apatite has been successfully used to help with weight loss. Apatite is listed as a stone for the Astrological Sign of GEMINI, and the number 9. But if you love this stone, get it anyway!

Metaphysical properties of Citrine:

Citrine has a positive influence on business pursuits, education and relationships. It has been known through ages as "the merchant's stone" because for generations it has been kept in the cash box of businesses to INCREASE their money! Citrine balances yin-yang energy. Citrine never retains negativity. Citrine stimulates mental focus and endurance - accelerates the wakening of the mind. Citrine is said to bring optimum health to the wearer. My personal feelings on Citrine (through meditation) are as follows: It clears the haze, brings humor, appreciation of beauty, sharpens the gaze, energizes, oxygenates (diaphragm breathing), and sharpens the five senses. Oh, and did I mention that it makes me happy just to look at it?

Please read more about these stones (in "The Book of Stones" by R. Simmons & N. Ahsian).

I created a video of this pendant, but rules foroffer me from giving you the link to see it. Sorry.


Approx. 53mm tall, 19.5mm wide, 15mm thick.

Backs are open to the skin. Always solid Sterling Silver, never cheap ?silver-filled? wire. 100% positive response, selling on since Feb. 2002.

Any chokers, chains, background stones, etc. used to photograph this pendant are not included. I use a safety wire for videos and photos outside so that I don't accidentally drop the pendant. The only thing for sale is the pendant.

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Wear a One-of-a-Kind Pendant! This special healing amulet needs a good home with someone out there.

Is it calling your name? Are you the one who will own this unusual piece? Or maybe you need a giftfor someone who needs something unusual and unique? Or for a birthday gift? I know the new ownerwill be very pleased with this pendant.

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The bail has a large enough opening that will accommodate a round chain necklace that is as thick as 3mm.

And, since the bail is attached so that the pendant swings freely with the wearer, it will not be stiff andget stuck in an awkward position while worn. It will tend to capture the attention of on-lookers, too. ~*~ grin ~*~

(I never solder or use any glue on my creations.)

I have no medical evidence to substantiate the correlation between wearing this pendant and the effects it will have on the wearer. The mystical healing properties offered above were partially paraphrased from one of a series of books by Melody. Melody suggests that the metaphysical properties listed for each stone will have these effects on the wearer WHILE he/she concentrates on the desired outcome. The author further states that this is NOT a substitute for consulting your physician;and I agree. When I wear any of my stones or crystals, I feel empowered by them. Maybe it is just because I WEAR them with specific intentions -- it works because I told my mind it would, OR does it work because of the molecular interactionbetween my body and the stones/crystals? I do not know. All I know is it seems to work FOR ME.

I trieddifferent photos of the pendant on here for your viewing,photos with different backgrounds. Maybe the ones I have chosen to present can give you some idea of the pendant's presence. I hope they do. There are severalbackgrounds, etc.) - same pendant, just different photos. (Sorry, any chokers I used for photos are not included in thesale.)

Please note that I do not use professional lighting with my indoor photos. They are just digital camera photos.

The Sterling Silver is ALL bright and shiny. It's just a trick of the lighting that makes Sterling Silver look darker in some photos.

Am I picky about my photos? Yes. I'm a perfectionist. ~*~ smile ~*~


FREE SERVICES FOR THE winning buyer:
Each of my jewelry creations gets a bath in my IONIC cleanser prior to shipment. Also, please let me know whether or notyou would like to have this jewelry smudged (cleansing with smoke from California Sage) for purification, a Native American ritual.

Many folks believe in it, including myself. I can also cleanse and charge thependant on my large Quartz Crystal cluster for those who are metaphysically inclined. Just say the word!

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Golden Apatite Crystal And Citrine Handmade Sterling Silver Chakra Reiki Pendant:

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