Lenox 2002 "santa Rings In The Holidays" Ornament Santa Collection In Box

Lenox 2002

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Lenox 2002 "santa Rings In The Holidays" Ornament Santa Collection In Box:

How cute is this little delivery guy?About 4" tall. No damage noted. In original box with Styrofoam.He is getting harder and harder to find so grab him now!We have another at time of this listing so if you get both (2001 & 2002) you will save a bit on the combined shipping.View all photos and ask questions, if you have any.

***We have various types of Lenox Nativity and Christmas listed and will continue to add more weekly. Please keep checking back to see what we have for you! "Follow" us to make it easy.

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Lenox 2002 "santa Rings In The Holidays" Ornament Santa Collection In Box:

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