Phra Upakut Win The Devil Pendant Wat Raitangthong B.e.2552 Thai Buddha Amulet

Phra Upakut Win The Devil Pendant Wat Raitangthong B.e.2552 Thai Buddha Amulet

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Phra Upakut Win The Devil Pendant Wat Raitangthong B.e.2552 Thai Buddha Amulet:

"Phra Upakut Win the devil Pendant Wat Raitangthong b.e.2552 Thai Buddha Amulet"

Amulet name: Phra Upakut Win the devil bath Pendant year b.e.2552 byLP Baideeka Saichon Temple:Wat Raitangthong, Thailand Material: Copper Size: 3.2x2.2 cm.

Genuine Rareamulet and Guaranty satisfied.

Powerful Win the devil and bad things, Rich, Successful, Merciful, Prevent devil and evil, Give Fortunately, Avoid from dangers, Super protection.

Phra Upakut or called as Pha BuaeKem Historically Phra Upakut (Sanskrit: Upagupta Thera) was a Sarvāstivādin Buddhist forest monk who lived in the region of Mathurā in Northern India during the time of King Aśokas reign (third century B.C.E.) The legend of Phra Upakut was included in the Phra Paṭhamasambodhikathā, a populair Jātaka (Sanskrit; stories of previous births of the Buddha) tale. In addition, the legend of Phra Upakut is also to be found in various Northern Thai manuscripts in which it has been preserved separately. In contemporary Thailand, it is believed that Phra Upakut is still alive, living at the bottom in the midst of the Southern Ocean where he resides in a palace made from brass

People regard Phra Upakut primarily as a protector and guardian who possesses great magical powers, and as a saint who pleads in behalf of his worshippers when they are in trouble. This particular aspect of Phra Upakut's saintly character is somewhat similar to the characteristics of bodhisattvas that postpone the realization of their Awakening in order to help people reduce their suffering in this world

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Thailand believes Buddha's good everything bring you Luck Believed to protect against evil Help And Protection Owner Can bring you happiness charming, good luck secure and good fortune for the owner.Amulets for Merciful is Phra Somdej wat Rakang and Phra Somdej Bangkunprom by Somdej Toh.

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Phra Upakut Win The Devil Pendant Wat Raitangthong B.e.2552 Thai Buddha Amulet:

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