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Rare Cedar Point Original Recordings - Ride Animation Sound Effects - Cd For Sale

Rare Cedar Point Original Recordings - Ride Animation Sound Effects - Cd

cedarpointer1990 Store New UnusedCEDAR POINT Amusement Park
Classic Rides & AttractionsSOUND EFFECTS AND MUSIC CDFolks we are happy to offer for sale these RARE original recordings from the Cedar Point Animation & Sound Department. Cedar Point is an amusement park located in Sandusky, Ohio. This CD is not sold at the park or has ever been offered.
I obtained the recordings from my friend who worked in the park's sound department. This is not an item the park had ever sold... or ever will.
Some of these recordings are so old and rare the park itself no longer has them. The park has a tendency to not care or save anything that maybe considered historical. I am a Cedar Point historian, former park employee (Paddlewheel Ride Captain) and care about the park's unique heritage.
What is for sale is a limited copy CD which we made from the old reel to reel spools of sound footage. On this CD we have the sounds of our favorite lost rides and attractions such as THE FUN HOUSE, PIRATE RIDE, EARTHQUAKE, WESTERN CRUISE, PADDLEWHEEL EXCURSIONS, "Boneville" from the CP & LE RAILROAD, ... there may even be sound effects from the old WAX MUSEUM... I am not old enough to confirm those sounds... but I am the others listed above. There is even German yodel music from the Bayern Kurve and Schwabinchen.SPECIAL NOTE: Folks I'm telling ya... you can't make this stuff up... as of early August 2011, for God only knows what stupid reason... the park decided to change all the animation's music along "Boneville" on the CP & LE Railroad. The same music and the same songs we all loved and was a tradition since 1963 has now been changed for ever with this really bad garbage. Our CD has the 1963 - Aug. 2011 original music! I'm so glad we saved it.Please remember folks, this is taken from reel to reel... it's not digitally remastered or anything. But it is original recordings. Here is a sample of what you get:Bubbles
Snoring & Piano
Aliens 1
Aliens 2
German Yodel Song
Door Scream
Stomp Scream
Outer Space
Dumb Guys
1950s Music & Old Lady
Earthquake - "I see an earthquake in the future"
Earthquake - Train Whistle
Earthquake - Ragtime Piano
Earthquake - Guy
Earthquake - San Francisco on fire with sirens.
Slam... Oh Pooie
Bubbling Water (may be the squid at the end of Pirate Ride)
Oh help... Scream
Last chance to go back
Pirate Ride - Whaling Song "Blow the man down" from staging area
Pirate Ride - "Look out for the whale"
Pirate Ride - Inside whale... heart beat
Pirate Ride - Two ship's cannon fire
Pirate Ride - Pirate Laugh
Pirate Ride - Wind and Water
Pirate Ride - Rats... the rat noise
Pirate Ride - Help, help me somebody
Pirate Ride - Stolen Treasure
Paddlewheel Excursions - Buck Skinner "The Price of Fur is Real Good..."
PE & Western Cruise - Bobcat... or Wild Cat Screams
Western Cruise - Bees buzzing and Wolves
Paddlewheel Excursions - Pig Oink... Pig Erma from Russel Rusty Steelz
Paddlewheel Excursions - Muddy Rivers... Song & Banjo
CP & LE Railroad - "Boneville Serenade" the saloon piano player
CP & LE Railroad - "Hot time in the old town" from Hawkinz Refrezhmentz
CP & LE Railroad - "When the saints come marching" from Pole Cats Pickers
CP & LE Railroad - "I've been working on the railroad" from the Pump Cart Crashers
Gun Fire & Doors
Fireworks & ScreamsTotal run time is over 23 minutes.That's a lot of good stuff from our favorite lost rides at Cedar Point. This CD has received great reviews from our buyers... it takes you back in time right to when Cedar Point was special. You can play the CD in your stereo, on the computer, or then take and download to your phone as ringtones. Take a little piece of Cedar Point with you on the go.I was a Western Cruise/Paddlewheel Excursions captain, back in a time when that was considered top ride in the park. It was an honor to wear those old riverboat uniforms... the white shirt, maroon vest, Kentucky ties, tuxedo ruffles, and the arm garters. That ride back in the days of Western Cruise was like traveling back into time as the boats wondered through the thick woods. Animation like the newer ride never had... the fort that fired cannons at you and water splashed all around the boat... the half sunk burning riverboat (aka "South Shore")... and the Indian raid on the burning settler's cabin. Sorry to ramble on but I don't think these young kids (and park management) know it's not all about the almighty dollar and roller coasters. It was a great thing to work at the park at that time. The Paddlewheel Ride meant a lot to a lot of people. All are sad to have seen it now go. I will always remember taking the boats back to the gas dock to re-fuel... and Muddy Rivers starts strumming his banjo. That song is on this CD folks... I tear up every time I hear it now. I'm glad I have that song... had the good sense to save it and now share it with all of you... for if I had not, we would never get to hear the sounds of these classic rides again. THIS WILL MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES CEDAR POINT!We made this cute Cedar Point CD cover which is included with your purchase. We call the CD "Sounds of Cedar Point... Rides of Yesteryear". We also put this image of the Giant Wheel on the CD and a list of all the tracks on the back.The CD comes with a certificate of authenticity that the sound effects came from original Cedar Point Animation Department recordings. Please be sure to check out our other Cedar Point related sales on . We will be posting many artifacts from inside the park for offerding. All money from the sale of our items here on goes towards the restoration of our newest Cedar Point Paddlewheel Excursions riverboat we purchased from the park last fall.TERMS: All sales are final. No returns accepted. Payment must be placed into seller's PayPal account within 3 days of purchase. Buyer pays all shipping costs.Thank you for your interest in the great classic rides of Cedar Point... now please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the car at all times... and enjoy your ride.ThanksCaptain Ed
Rare Cedar Point Original Recordings - Ride Animation Sound Effects - Cd

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Rare Cedar Point Original Recordings - Ride Animation Sound Effects - Cd:

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